My Date With An MRI Tube, Today!

            Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. Today is Tuesday August 13th, 2013 and my fate for today is to lie in a tube. That’s right today is my MRI at St. Joseph’s hospital here in Orange County. As anyone from my childhood can tell you, Danny is a little (more like a lot) claustrophobic so today promises to be an adventure in fear as well as the daily adventure I experience in pain.


I am going to do my best ton keep this short, this morning. I am still having a lot of problems using my left hand. I did not sleep well, last night, had a couple of nightmares. I’ve had more than a few of these scans, over the past 26 years (since 1987 when the typewriter did fall on my head). One might think you would get used to being stuck in a tube, for half an hour. However, that is not all there is to it, an MRI scan.


As well as being shoved in a tube (about the size of a coffin, there is quite the clattered going on, too. Clack, clack, clack. Then ratta-a-tat-tat. Followed by this horrible whirring sound of these magnets flying around your head. There is banging and clanking. There is the fast paced and frantic rat-a-tat-tat and finally that whirring that sounds like you are trapped in a tube with helicopter blades only inches from your head.


The nightmares I had, last night. Were mostly of these magnets coming through the plastic and crushing my head. That is always the nightmare. Either waking or asleep. That my head will get crushed by flying magnets coming through the casing. Only once in all the years I’ve had these scans was I lucky enough to get a machine. That was open ended, at one end. All the other times, including today. I end up in a tube that is long, clod and dark and closed at the other end.


I truly envy those who’ve only had a leg or foot scanned. It is an entirely a different matter to have your whole body and head… inside one of these beasts. Now, do not misunderstand, I do have a choice. I do not have to have this scan, it is just suggested to determine in my condition has worsened. However, choice is too strong a word, exactly. This is a year for my Social Security review. Every two years they send me a form for me to fill out.


The form is to determine if I am to continue to receive my benefits for my disease. IF I were to not get this scan, today. Then when the form did come, I would be without the proof I need. By getting this scan today, I almost assure myself of continued benefits. Every two years I do this, and report the results to the Social Security Administration. Because each and every time I report that my condition has, indeed, worsened. Then each and every time they send me a notice, my benefits they will extend.


As well, I want to see for myself what the heck is going on that is causing me so much more pain and headaches. As well as the sensation of lava being poured down through my head.  I have another update articles, that I was writing late last night,. I do not know if I will post it, as it is realty kind of dark. Five days without any sign of my best and longest, most published and prideful blog of mine. That is correct, for the past five days The Other Shoe @ has been completely gone! I am terribly upset and axious as this is the place where all of my work began. As well, it is the blog with nearly THREE HUNDERED ARTICLES already posted. It is the entire history of my blog writing career. I do, genuinely, fear it is gone forever never to be seen again!


So, that is going to do it for so far today. I hope you have a wonderful day, My Dear and Fellow Readers. I hope that you do not have an afternoon of fear. I hope that when you come here to read my words, next. I am safe and have not been sliced and diced in a tube of horrors.


As Always it is a great honor for me that you come here to rad my words. I hope that I give you something to think about, and something to enjoy!

Thank YOU!

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