Life IS Hell

            Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. I was awakened at 7 AM this morning to the thundering sound of a steel dumpster being dragged through the parking lot. By 8 AM there were workers slamming, banging, and breaking up sheet rock, plywood, toilets and countertops in the steel dumpster. Nowhere around either the dumpster or the work area could there be seen permits. Again, the new owners of this building are doing everything they can to upset and irritate the residents of the building. While, at the same time, flaunting their ignorance and thumbing their nose at any government agency in the United States of America.



            It makes me want to puke blood how these people come into our country and treat long-term residents, people born in America, like garbage and they run around babbling some foreign tongue. For the third time in as many weeks I have been forced to call the city of Cypress code enforcement. It has become crystal-clear that the individuals that bought this building do not think they have to buy permits to do anything in the building at any time. Right now, there is a huge steel dumpster, parked in the middle of the driveway. There are several other disabled residents in this building.


When emergency services are called to this building? (And that happens all too frequently) They generally park exactly where these new owners have placed this dumpster. This shows a callus disregard for the remaining residents of this building. This callus disregard makes everyone still living in this building uncomfortable. It is my humble opinion that is exactly what these new owners want.


It is now 10AM. I started writing this at 8AM. Three paragraphs in two hours. Reason?  My left hand is mostly useless, today. I am trying to work with it… but I am having little luck. It could be because I did not get a full night’s sleep. More likely it is a progression of my disease combined with lack of rest and tremendous stress.


Hence, the title of today’s article… ‘Life is Hell’. I am severely depressed. The pain I suffer is intractable. My ‘home’ is a nightmare of banging and disrespectful owners. The reason I started this campaign… is only getting worse. However, this is their desire. To push people out of the building so that they can continue with their plans to make it… ROFLOL a “Hotel 6”


My only recourse? Continue to call local; city code enforcement, police and fire department. The fire department has just shown up and is inspecting the placement of the dumpster.


Please, for the love of Pete… Help me????

 Please Share & Help?!?

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