Sunday Funnies August 11th, 2013 – Alexander Returns!

               Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. Now, what day is it? Sunday? Well, if it is Sunday then it is time for ‘Sunday Funnies’ @ The Other Shoe! Today we visit with Alexander as he is climbing into my soft drink. Just so you know, and to put some people’s mind at ease, Alexander Hanning gets a bath with Pantene twice to three times a week. More often in the summer, like now.  


His cage litter is replaced once a week, and twice a month his cage is sterilized with antibacterial soap. See, rats are happiest when they are clen, in a clean cage with fresh water and a bowl full of fresh rat food. “Why Pantene?” You may well ask… Go ahead… ask. J Because it is what I use, too. Rats have a great deal of similarities to dogs, in that they like to memic behavior of their masters. Specifically the alpha in the house. My hair smells like Pantene champoo and conditioner. Therefore, Alexander feels best and enjoys it most when his fur is washed with Pantene, too.


Now, having that out of the way, (The pampering of Alexander that is) we can move on to today’s feature, today’s edition of ‘Sunday Funnies’ at The Other Shoe! Here is a short of Alexander climbing into my drink. Drinking some soda, licking some ice (he really loves doing that0 and finally grabbing a piece of the ice. With ice in… … hand(?)… mouth (J) he scampers off to indulge in some rat-brain freeze![It’s totally funny when it happens, and you can tell immediately because he shakes his head and shoulders so fast and so hard he nearly falls over]


So, now without further Adieu, I bring you, My Dear Readers, this week’s ‘Sunday Funnies’!




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Repairs And Changes Here At The Other Shoe

          Hello Family, Friends, and Followers here at Facebook and at The Other Shoe,

I hope that you all had a wonderful Saturday. That you enjoyed spending ‘down-time’ with those you care most for and that as you read this message there is a smile on your face. IMHO This is the epitome of what life can hold for us all.

For the past several days there has been a problem at my primary location of The Other Shoe. The images were corrupted, the icons and my avatar. I wrote three times, to the technical support, requesting assistance with this problem. I am quite pleased to announce, right here and right now, that this issue is being addressed while you read this!

I found this out by checking on said blog (I do this several times every day)… Now, I have (since 1995); designed web sites, built web sites, maintained web sites, and still have several (besides my blog) floating around the ether… to this day. However, I just saw a message, that for whatever reason, I have never seen before!

It is a 503 Error! When I went there this is part of what I saw:


            “One of our maintenance bots decided to move the blog to a different database server. The operation is fully automatic and should take no more than five minutes. Please try again in a short while.”


“Fully automatic…”? I seem to remember complaining for several days about exactly the problem they are addressing. “move the blog to a different database  server…”


The image database was obviously corrupted. So, long story short (too late, eh?) something tonight The Other Shoeat will be back! Once I see that it is back, and stable, I will be adding some images to articles I published today and yesterday. I did not post them originally because of the image problem. As well, I will be making changes to the right sidebar by adding some features and rearranging existing widgets. The last thing I will be doing… is perhaps the most crucial.

For the past six months, right after the first of the year, I adopted the current theme for my blog at I am told that it makes The Other Shoe look like a certain Apple program. With the end of summer rapidly approaching I am making a nice transmission to a pre-holiday theme. I will be flipping through several, so if you drop by and it looks different each time? Don’t be surprised.

Last, I would like the feedback of you, My Dear Readers! Leave me a comment or use the Feedback feature of either blog. I genuinely value your input, My Dear Readers; some of you spend nearly as much time at my blog as do I. J

Tomorrow is Sunday and that means? ‘Sunday Funnies’! I haven’t picked out the video I will use… yet. I have a good idea, but I have yet to write the feature… so anything is possible. As always, I am honored by your visit. Hope your Sunday is as joyous as today.


Thank YOU!


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Please Donate to Daniel’s Relocation and General Assistance Fiunding Canpaign


A Week In Review – August 10th 2013

 Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. I apologize for not having this posted earlier. I have this darn persistent fever… nothing high… like 102… just between 99.8 and 100.4. My doctor thinks I… that the bone grafts… that never ‘knitted’ have developed and infection. I am supposed to go in for blood tests. However, that would take most of a day. That means I would miss another day writing and posting.


I already am going to be gone most of the day Tuesday the 13th. I cannot afford to be gone another day this week. Sorry about that, I am a little off and… dizzy. Anyway, here is this week’s


‘A Week In Review’ Enjoy!


  • Sunday Funnies August 4th, 2013 : “Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. If it is Sunday then it is time for ‘Sunday Funnies’! Today I have one of my favorite antics by Alexander. He just loves curly fries from Arby’s. This is a short of Alexander absconding with most of my curly fries, just the other night.” If it wasn’t for Alexander I would never smile, anymore. He loves me so deeply. I swear that he is self-aware. I know that nobody believes that, but I can see it in his eyes. Also, he SEES himself in the mirror in the bathroom. He will be on my shoulder, and I stand in front of the mirror… call out his name and wave. Looking directly into the mirror into his eyes… and he talks to me. He even reaches over and licks my face… like a dog. I really hope my health holds up until I get this book finished. At least the first one.
  • Today? Danny SAVED LIVES! : “Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe and a very special article all about me. As most of you know the building I live in has been sold. The building was sold to foreign interests with offices in Los Angeles. They have kicked everyone but the long term residents out, with only days to a week notice. They took away our dumpsters before providing replacements.” I know that nobody believes me. However, I did get the work in the pool STOPPED. All they were going to do is; repair the rebar, fill in the hole under the broken pool foundation and pour in cement. THAT would have failed! See, the ground under the pool has been exposed to; rain, weather, settling, and erosion for three years. There is no way they could have compacted the soil enough to support the pool’s weight and volume of water by just ‘backfilling’. As well, the foundation of a pool (as far as I was told and educated) must be one pour. The foundation must support ten tons of water and the kenetic energy ccreated by thirty to forty people playing in the water. I looked at the crappy way they were trying to repair… and I saw THIS. I saw the ‘repaired’ holes giving way… water pouring through the holes past broken and sharp rebar. I saw people even CHILDREN getting sucked through the broken rebar and concrete down into the hole. I saw it in my mind’s eye and it made me sick! What kind of ‘person’ places the lives of innocent people and children in jeopardy… to save some money? Not ME! FYI The inspector agreed with me… and told me so over the phone.
  • August 6th, 2013 Danny’s Update : “Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. Today I am in extreme pain, but I cannot just leave everyone in the dark. I am working with the Nuance Dragon Speech software… and I doubt I will have a chance to correct. Please overlook the… errors. At least just this once.” Dark days and pain. The pain hasn’t stopped… hardly relented. It is intractable… but if I do not write people will not help. So, I work through the pain and pray that I get the financial support I need. Tuesday I have a new MRI. I will try to get the results and share them here @ The Other Shoe.
  • Unbridled Capitalism vs. Human Strife: “Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. Today I am going to write about a concern I am facing with regarding my publications at The Other Shoe. I like to write about news and policy that strikes a personal note, to me. Policy that effects my life, or the lives of people close to me. For the past three years I have written articles on a myriad of subjects. I have never written any article just to lambast a party or political party member.” And I succeeded. I did not bash any party or member of a political party. I kept my word, and I will continue to do my level best to keep my articles about policy and not attack a party. It is interesting that this is a topic all over the net… this week. It was the focus of two speeches by the new Pope Francis. I think it is time that we, the American people, renewed our societal obligation to the poor. ““A society that “does not pay a just wage”, that “does not give work” to people; a society that “that only looks to its balance books, that only seeks profit” is unjust and goes against God.” From Vatican Radio’s broadcast of a speech from Pope Francis.
  • Digging Deep For Content… And A Horrifying Dream: “I was… in a public library. I had my notebook computer… the one that I write everything I post on… and… there were parts to the notebook missing. I was desperate to write… to publish… to entertain you, My Dear Readers, but my computer would not work. There were external drives missing… and a power cord or two. I was frantic, in the dream, to get my notebook working and begin to write. In the dream… I had envisioned a scene from ‘The Adventures of Princess Nadia’ in my head. I was desperate to write it down… before it left my head. I couldn’t… my computer would not work…” I awoke covered in sweat and shaking. I am having dreams, just like this, often… now. I haven’t dreamed, like this, in years and years. Honestly… ALL I want is a new place to live. Nothing fancy… just not on the street. I promise.. I am not using the money you donate for; booze, drugs, parties, or even fun. I pinch every penny till it screams for mercy. I have not been to see a moive in ten years. I am using the same glasses I got seven years ago. I don’t allow myself any fun.I just am so scared to death of… being homeless. In my condition? Being homeless would = death. If you can… please do help. Thank you!
  • A Word of “Thanks!” To My Indiegogo Campaign Contributors : “I have just posted my “Thank you!” to ‘Anonymous’ for their contribution of $100. This contribution takes the campaign one BIG step forward towards our goal. For that, I am, eternally grateful. This contribution couldn’t have come at a better time. As many of you might have noticed, those that read my works @ The Other Shoe, I was getting pretty blue.” I still have no idea who it was that gave that fateful $100 contribution that put me within striking distance of $1,000.00. I cannot pick up things… I cannot move alone. I have never paid movers… now I must. This is not a happy time. I am deeply embarrassed… ashamed. I just want to have the funds to move… to another crapy motel.. if that be my fate. I genuinely appreciate everything… every contribution is a gift from God. I hope that I make it… Make enough to pay for movers… a truck and enough to get a new room. I honestly??? Pray endlessly… that I get enough to get the punk OUT of California. I doubt it will happen. I am not that fortunate. I can wish… right?
  • Where Have All the Honeybees Gone?: “Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. It is not often that I get an opportunity like this, My Dear Readers, I am glad this is happened on the weekend. Being on the weekend I have the chance to reach the largest number of readers. I know this by looking at my traffic reports. A side note, I have been working on original content ever so diligently for the past six weeks. In so doing I have neglected my responsibility of providing traffic reports for The Other Shoe. That changes this weekend I promise you.” I really hope to feel good enough to get together the traffic reports. I have already looked at them… they are impressive. Just last week; TWELVE articles in seven days… FIVE HUNDERED ‘likes’ and nearly a thousand visitors. The campaign now has 300+ Likes… Anyway, this article about bees! Is really good. Time has an article out, this week, about the problem. There are two really good documentaries at Netflix about it as well. This problem is only getting worse… every year. I do not think the majority of Americans fully comprehend just what this means to FOOD! This is just the tip of the iceberg… IMHO. Just waiting for The Other Shoe to Drop! J


I was hoping to have finished my article about Education. It is just not going to happen. I am needing to rest… so that maybe I can get out ‘Sunday Funnies’ tomorrow. I apologize for my shortcomings. I have so many… My Dear Readers. And you mean the world to me. For the past six weeks I have pushed past; fever, pain, depression, pain, limited movement, lack of food, and (did I mention) pain.


I will do my best to keep prodding and writing and publishing. I PROMISE!


As always, I am deeply honored that you come here to read my work. I have no words to share that accurately convey the honor I feel when I see the ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’. I can only hope that I do your time and efforts the respect and honor they deserve. So long as there is breath in my lungs… and at least one hand works. I will continue to write and publish. “Thank YOU!”


I ask your indulgence, once again. I am getting so close to my goal. If you have the time… and the money. Would you please consider assisting me? Just click on the widget below… and donate to help me move. There is still the 50th Anniversary Disneyland Dessert Plates and Pins available as perks. Either one would put me over my first MAJOR milestone in the campaign. Again…



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