August 6th, 2013 Danny’s Update

Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. Today I am in extreme pain, but I cannot just leave everyone in the dark. I am working with the Nuance Dragon Speech software… and I doubt I will have a chance to correct. Please overlook the… errors. At least just this once.


I am in incredible pain. Yes, over last week I pushed myself much too hard.. too long.. and I have done some damage. Groovy, now I have shooting pains into my face. That is a first. Hence, me taking some time off.


I have reached $800 in my campaign. I am thrilled by all the support. However, the room I am looking to move into is $940 a month, with a $600 deposit. I need $1,540.00 in move-in costs… plus whatever I can hire some people and a truck. Honestly, the $5,000.00 (actually $4,600 (after Indiegogo’s cut)-150.00 bank fee = $4,450.00 is what I would end up with if and that is a BIG ‘if’) I manage to raise all the funds that I targeted.


I am no where near what I really need. My Dear readers, I gave my all last week. It showed with over 500 ‘Like’s. Now… I just need to be genuine or pathetic (Thanks James) enough to garner the rest of the support I need. I am getting used to jumping through hoops… Just have to know which hoops I need to jump through. Sorry, still getting used to using bold on this voice to text.


I am sorry. I have to stop and post what I have… I just got this shock.. down my neck.. really high.. and into my face… that is like someone pluged me into a wall socket. I will come back soon.


As always, it is an honor for you to visit my blog.

Thank you!

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