Today? Danny Saved LIVES!

 Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe and a very special article all about me. As most of you know the building I live in has been sold. The building was sold to foreign interests with offices in Los Angeles. They have kicked everyone but the long term residents out, with only days to a week notice. They took away our dumpsters before providing replacements.


From the very beginning they have shown a desire. To half-ass every job and treat residents here (some as long as ten and twenty years) like second-class citizens. Today was no different, My Dear Readers. I awoke to the sound of dump trucks and welding. I looked outside only to behold a site that was shocking. They were working on the half-demo’ed pool!


I saw no permits, anywhere around. Therefore, I went to look at what has going on. A little back-story, first! Four years ago, the last management company hired a single worker to rehabilitate our pool. They sent this person with a jackhammer to remove the plaster from the pool Instead, this diligent worker hammered through the foundation of the pool. Past plaster, past, concrete, past (and breaking) rebar all the way into the earth.


For anyone that has a pool, or works or worked in construction. Once you break the foundation, and the rebar, you need to demo said pool. Then start all over again. What these new owners were avoiding? Permits and costs.


What they were placing in peril? Human lives, nothing less! You cannot simply repair the rebar, and pour new concrete. (There were four places where the rebar was broken and the foundation cracked). They almost got away with placing human lives at risk!


Not while Danny Hanning is on the watch! So, I called the City of Cypress Code Enforcement and reported what I saw. The person I spoke with knew the Cypress Lodge and even asked “are they demoing the pool?” I replied “No sir they are not. They have welded the rebar and are packing in some dirt with a concrete mixer handy they are going to finish this today.” His response was “No, they are not!”


Within moments the inspector arrived and shut the whole thing down. See, once the foundation is cracked and the rebar broken there is little recourse (so far as my knowledge goes) but to completely dismantle the existing pool. Present plans to the City of Cypress to rebuild, then rebuild the pool from the ground up.


You see with a pool you are dealing with thousands of gallons of water. Each gallon weighing 8.34 pounds. That means a pool, if this size, the foundation is supporting nearly seven tons! Plus the weight of the people playing in the pool. Plus the kinetic energy created by playing. That, My Dear Readers, is why the pool’s foundation must be one piece poured at the same time. Cured at the same time for weeks.


Therefore, by calling code enforcement and forcing this new owner to do this work according to laws and regulations, I have Saved lives. If they had gotten away with just patching this pool. One day… while children were playing and families were vacationing. The pool repair would have broken. The ground (not pounded down to specifications) would have given way, too. I see it in my mind’s eye. It would have been a disaster. I was a very good civic citizen today. And I am proud.


Now I ask your indulgence… I ask for your support. I desperately need to get away from this place, and now you know why! Yes, I am being evicted… but who wants to stay in a place where they are so reckless with human lives? Please, take a moment and donate to my cause. I will never forget your kindness… ever.

Thank YOU!

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 Daniel's Relocation and General Assistance Fiunding Canpaign

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I am a; writer, editor and publisher. I write, most often, articles about our space program, fun videos andpolitical works. My most recent additions are; A Week In Review, Sunday Funnies and The Adventures of Nadia. Along with The Mars Report and Lost in Space. ENJOY!

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