Reports of My Death…

… have been greatly exaggerated. (Mark Twain) I know, that for some, my absence has been disturbing. I deeply apologize for any concern my silence has created. My journey, on Tuesday, took much more out of me that I had imagined. IT took more physically, for sure, but there was a strong emotional element. I am hoping to write and share that with you, My Dear Readers. However, my hands have been mostly uncooperative. I have the speech to text program, but he still needs correction (training it is called by Nuance).


I do not want to cause any undue concern. So I am posting this short memo. Since I last posted; I have spent hours fighting with my ‘Part D Medicare Pharmacy’ provider. They hold the keys to the medications I need. However, they do not even know that Vicodin ES is the very same thing as Hydrocodone biturate (Trade and generic/chemical names of the same medication). Regardless of the fact they know tremendously less about said medication. In the infinite wisdom they are preventing me from obtaining this breakthrough pain medication to me. I have been taking this medication, without interruption, at this level for the past five years.


Suddenly now they will not allow me to take my Vicodin ES the six times a day that I need. Well, they won’t pay for six pills a day. Aye, there’s the rub! For all the complaining, by some of the population, it is not the government that is standing between me and my doctor. It is a greedy insurance company just wanting to cut costs. In this case? ‘Cutting costs = me in even more intractable pain for longer with less relief and less sleep. That is what you get when you put the almighty dollar in charge of a party.


Harder, it is, for me to write. When pain wracks my body. Just moments ago the pharmacy released some medication. I have been taking Vicodin ES six times a day for four years. Previous to that I took Vicodin ES five times a day, before that four. The reason why (the one they sell Congress) is that I am taking more than four grams of acetaminophen a day. A year ago it was four point five grams, the limit. Each person metabolizes acetaminophen differently. People with low renal clearance can experience renal failure if they take too much for too long. I am not one of those people.


For two days I have been without all the pain medications I need to be… well, mostly, ‘pan-free’. In actuality? I am never pain free. Over the years I have built a tolerance for pain. Higher than when I was a boy or a yong man. When your life is pain? You get used to pain, and learn to function, or you.. don’t. I can handle the pain… but my creativity greatly suffers. As does my ability to get words on to paper (or into a word program and published). As I said, earlier today I was finally allowed some relief from my pain. So, I just had to wirte, and tell you all I am alright.


I am off schedule, as you can see. For that, I apologize sincerely. I have planned, today; getting the videos and screenshots made for ‘Star Wars – The Old Republic’. These will be for the publication of ‘MMORPGs And YOU! – Part Six – Star Wars – The Old Republic‘. This will be the sixth installment of the quite popular series. I know that a lot of you, My Dear Readers, are waiting for this articles to be published. I am working, as hard as my hands and pain will allow, to get this much anticipated article ready for publication. As soon as it is done, I will gladly bring it to you.


I have been spending some time… with “The Adventures of Princess Nadia – The Healing Light’. I have finished the construct of the entire first book. All of the plot points are done, the chapter structure complete. My cliff-hangers in place, and all my character blocking is complete. Just a little more work, in the background, and I will be ready to actually write what I am seeing.


I explained, to James Coate, the last time we spoke. How my book is alomost writing itself. How, when I sit quietly and think about these characters I love so deeply. That they come alive in my mind and I can witness what they do. How they interact, how they speak, how they move, who they love, who is lying to them, and how is trying to kill whom. It plays out, behind my eyes, like a play… all I have to do? Get behind the keyboard (or hook-up to my mike, and start speaking) and write. I see them, all, as clear as day. I see how Nadia’s tail is always up and behind her head, like a scorpions tail.


How King Nakita wraps his tail around his right arm, so it doesn’t get dirty on the ground. How Alexander is always talking. Either to himself, or to someone else, his mind is just always working and his mouth is always moving. How the fancy Lady rats walk their pet mice on the end of leashes. How well-to-do males wrap their tails in fancy cloth, almost like a cross between mufflers for their tails and ties. How, the same, well-to-do female rats, while walking their mice, have chosen to decorate their tails with shinny baubles and jewelry. How the Rattus Superioris spend much time and effort (even training) to walk upright, imitating their fellow citizens (of Rattopia) the D&A rats do naturally.


I see the whole world, how it was created… and how it will be… I’ve said too much. When I am in great pain. They come to me… and play. I swear, it is almost like; Nakita, and Nadia, Ben and Alice all want to help keep my mind off my pain… so, they come out and they play… and play… and play. My only challenge? TO get it all written down.. least I foget it. But, I really don’t forget. Everything that is happeing, in this novel, is feels germane. It all feels natural, as though each action and reaction comes from within the character. I have to admit. This whole experience is quite pleasant. Only the physical pain, that comes from typing or sitting up and writing, all that pysical stuff causes me great discomfort and growing pain.


However, it will not stop me. Nope, ‘The Adventures of Princess Nadia’ the adventures of all her people (the D&A rats). The adventures of; Alexander, Benjamin, Alice, Rebecca, Henry, Whiskers, Darius, The Albino Sisters and even the father (that put wealth ahead of family… even his son) Darrell. They all play out their story right in front of my closed eyes. I just need to write it down and put it in the correct order. I have been doing some of that, today and yesterday.


So, my articles are a little delayed. Not missing just a little late… a little behind. I will catch up, I will produce. Please, My Dear Readers, do not stray too far. Do not abandon me for dead. I am not.. just a whole lot of pain.


As always, I am honored that you come here. i am honored that you read my work. It is an honor to entertain you, and an honor when you share my work.

“Thank YOU!”

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