WHYs and WHEREFOREs About My Situation and The Campaign

 Welcome Back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. For the past week I have been working to raise money. Today I am taking the time to explain this situation a little more. My situation is this; the building I have lived in, for the past ten years, has been sold to an Investment group. The new owners take charge in just twelve days. I learn, of the sale, just five days before starting this campaign. You may well ask “Why did you start raising money so soon?”


The current manager, of this building, I have worked to get to know and develop his trust. It is the information he has imparted (and good council from friends I have in Real Estate) that has lead me to start this campaign. First, what I have seen. In this very neighborhood, over the past five years, I have watched as small developments of condominiums crop up in the oddest places. Just two years ago a Childcare Center, around the corner, was sold due to the failing of the business.


Just a month after the building was vacated the building was torn down and the lot vacant. Within two weeks of that building began and in the blink of an eye there were four condominiums. If you had blinked your eyes it would have appeared to be magic.


Next, the manager of this building, and I, have developed a good friendship. He has told me everything he has overheard, and what he was told as well. The members of the investment group told him this; he will not be taken on as the manager of the building and they have no need of staff. Their intention, he was told, was to vacate the building and immediately refurbish each and every room. Into a Senior Living Building, they say, my home is to be converted. Now for me; I find the story of the manager to be dubious at best. Here is why.


This building doe not have; a single elevators in any of the three buildings, the pool was torn up all the way down to the rebar, the building is in grave disrepair and would take millions just to make ‘sound and whole’. There are no senior services within five or more miles. No elevators, no pool or jaccuzi, no senior services and located in an area zoned Commercial/Residential’. This area is not zoned for homes or non-commercial housing.


It is my opinion that, come August 1st, all the residents of this building will be given the minimum notice legally possible to move out. I would guess they will tear down this building and (as they did across the street) build condominiums. If I am wrong, I will be the first to admit my mistake. Either way, Senior Living or condominiums I am relatively sure that everyone here will be evicted. Having worked in property management, off and on, since 1983 (in San Diego off of 44th street with Becky) I am acting to protect my health and interests.


This whole debaclehas put my health in a terrible spiral. Between the stresses of being left in the dark combined with the frantic pace I have been writing. I am not sleeping, at all well, my left arm is jumping and in horrific pain, and I have intractable pain from my head all the way down into my arms. (both of them) On top of the intractable pain my depression has become much worse.


For the past six months I have been on Mirtazapine (Remeron, Avanza, Zispin) for my depression. Diagnosed with chronic depression, I have… imagine that @ 55 I am in intractable pain from the time I wake to the time I sleep every single day. Each year I experience more neurological and physical losses, and now I cannot even walk, without help. This is not what I signed on for¸ and far from how (just ten years ago) I saw myself at this age. In 2003 I was managing a 100 unit building in the heart of Westwood, California. I had plans of working that building into a City Landmark and the backing of both the Senior Executives.


I was well on the path to being a Senior Executive with a prosperous Beverly Hills Property Management company. A brand new truck, and a loving adopted dog. I had arrived at the life I always wanted. Then I was struck, not once or twice, but regularly with extreme headaches and radiculopathy. It didn’t take long, after the first X-Rays, for me to be diagnosed with advanced Degenerative Disc Disease.


Long story short, five years passed before I could get the surgery that I needed. By that time… my nerve roots were permanently damaged from C3-C7. Now, I suffer with more nerve root damage, from C1-C3 and Central Cervical Spinal Stenosis. Quite literally, a disc is pressing on my spinal cord, it threatens my entire existence. One slip, one fall, and bam I am doing a Christopher Reeve impression the rest of my life. (My last neurosurgeon actually thought it was a funny way of explaining my potential medical state… I didn’t laugh then… I’m, not laughing now)


My Dear Readers, I do not dwell on this. I try not to even think, much less write, about the potential life I may be left with… it’s the only way I keep a gun out of my mouth. Now, Imagine, if you will, a person (Hey, how about me) in this condition living on the street.


That, My Dear Readers, is my nightmare and what keeps me awake at night. However one may feel, that is my life right now… this day… this week. In spite of that each day I try my best to write. I write to keep my mind busy. I write to entertain. I write.. because it is the only way I know of to repay what kindness I receive.


Now, let me get one thing perfectly clear! I neither expect, nor desire your pity. I, almost, would rather be dead than pitied. Your; help, assistance, support, and even love I will gladly accept. Barring someone driving all the way to California to help me; pack move and unpack. I ask for your financial support. If that is not possible, I ask that you Share! Share my campaign, share my work, share my situation, share my plight. In just twelve days I will know my fate. This campaign ends in 36. I honestly do not think that they can make me move quicker than at least a month. I have been here ten years, and I am a temporary resident.


Writing all that… caused me pain… both physical and emotional, too. Having said I will leave you to read, or share, the statement I made to Indiegogo to start this campaign. If you can, please… help? If you cannot, please spread the word. Because, that will help me in the end.


Thank you. For your time. Thank you for coming here and reading my words. Thank you, for whatever you do, when you finish reading this. “Thank YOU!”

From the Indiegogo Campaign:

Daniel's Relocation and General Assistance Fiunding Canpaign


My name is Daniel and I currently live in Cypress California. I am disabled with Cervical Spinal Stenosis secondary to acute Degenerative disc disease. I have been living in an ‘Extended Stay Motel’ for the past ten years. Honestly, it is all I can really afford. When I moved here I planned on staying six months. Getting the surgery I needed and then getting back to work. Four years passed just getting approved for Medicare and Social Security.

In that four years my disease progressed, became much worse. By the time I had insurance, the afore mentioned four years, my neck was in shambles. There was permanent damage to several nerve roots, and the beginnings of spinal stenosis. The nerve root damage has resulted in me having limited feeling and use of my left arm and hand.

The spinal stenosis has caused ‘left foot drop’ and many other medical problems and it only gets worse. I do not have the financial resources to get the pricy surgery that might help. I am not bitter, I just want to be safe and work at my blog whenever I can. I am not here to ask for assistance for a surgery, nothing that frivolous. I am asking for your assistance so that I can move.

As I said, I have been staying at this motel for the past ten years. However, recent developments have made me staying here not a viable option. First, there is the brown water. I have written about it extensively @ The Other Shoe. As well, there are three videos of this brackish water @ YouTube. I have talked and complained to the management here, yet the problem persists.

This property management company, that is, there is a new one coming… hang on I am getting ahead. This brings me to the second part, the company that has owned this building all the time I have been here is selling this building. The new company is taking over at the end of July. From what everyone here is being told? The new company is going to convert this building to all senior living. Normally this would be a God send. Why it is not, is simple.

We are being told that everyone in the building will be evicted, so that they can convert the whole building at once… and “get a better class of people, living here…” That, I was told, by a source close to the process. This causes me grave concerns and it was the ‘Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back’ for me. I wanted to try to raise the money to move, again, since my first attempt did not succeed. Please, don’t get me wrong, everyone that gave to the original Daniel’s Moving Assistance Fund were angels indeed. I am touched by their help and moved by their generosity.

However, it takes more than I raised to move me. It has been a year, since, the last campaign. A year fraught with difficulty and growing pain, and a realization that soon I might not be able or capable to do what I do now. So, it is with a heavy heart and deep regret that I come back to Indiegogo and you to ask one more time. I come here to ask for your assistance, your help, your understanding and compassion.

It is only with your assistance that I can hope to escape. Escape a building with foul water, and a second story room with no elevator to get my power chair out alone.

Now, I would like to outline the expenses the best that I can. I have shopped for prices for this August and September. I have projected the best that I can.

What I Need: (Please)

  • Truck Rental – Penske Truck Rentals = $56.00 per day + $0.79 per mile plus refilling the gas tank. = $100.00
  • Truck Rental Deposit (Insurance as I do not currently own a car nor do I have car insurance) I was quoted $200 – $250 depending on my DMV record. I have NO accidents EVER so I am hoping for = $200.00
  • Labor to help me move… this gets scary… From what I understand I can hire men @ the Home Depot (right across the street) for $50.00 – $80.00 per day. I will need help packing and throwing much stuff away. I would guess two people for two days would be enough. @ ~ $60.00 (per) X 2 (people) X 2 (days) = $240.00
  • Next and Last. I will need assistance with the initial rental and deposit. Looking on line at several different sites. To rent a single (bachelor) here in Orange County will cost between $1,000.00 and $1,200.00 a month in rent. I have not rented an apartment for nearly ten years… I am sure they will want; First, Last and a Deposit equal to at least one month’s rent. That is the killer, and one I hope to bring DOWN. = $3,000.00 – $3,600.00


That is all I can, in good conscience, ask for assistance. Any other expenses I will just handle the best that I can when and if they land in my lap. However, ALL the sites that I can use (to raise money) ALL charge a percent of what you raise (7%-10%), and there is a ‘Bank Transfer Fee’ (last time it was $150.00).


Total Cost = $3,000.00 $3,600.00

$180.00 (6% fee) $216.00

$150.00 (Bank Fee) $150.00

$3,330.00 $3,966.00

Therefore, Best Case = $3,330.00 (with luck on my side and the wind at my back)

Worst Case = $3,966.00 (With it being Southern California and no ‘luck’)

I thought long and hard on this and I do not want a repeat of my last efforts (I did not consider all possible angles and problems… like getting the power chair out of my house) I will err on the side of caution and round this out @ $5,000.00 = $4,500.00 After Indiegogo Fees and Bank Fees [Updated 714/13 dlh] Just to be safe, just to be sure and not end up within striking distance and then fall.



Let me be blunt, I will live longer and healthier with your help. Moving will afford me the opportunity to find a home that is safe. This building is only safe, as it is now and that is not much, because of the efforts of myself and other residents that stood up to the drug dealers and prostitutes they used to rent to here. I took pictures and made videos of drug transactions and then shared them with the police and property management company. Only with our information and support did we rid most of the ‘Bad Elements’ from this building. However, there are many residents that still I would not walk around this building at night alone.

Freedom (guess that should have come first…) I can move to a building with elevators to get myself and my power chair out of the building when I want! Or, to a first floor room/apartment in a safer building with clean fresh water. That would give me a freedom I have not had in over eight years. Yes, it has been eight years since I was able to walk out of this building with my own two feet, and get past the front desk. My condition has worsened to the extent I cannot walk more than ¼ a block and one flight of stairs. My roommate/Caregiver helps me with everything else.

IF I want to get out, just for fresh air or to see a movie (I have not done that in eight years, either) I need assistance. If I were to have your assistance I would be able to get in and out when I want! That is what I call Freedom. That is what your help will give me; safety and freedom.

Last, Ii know that you noticed… you are very smart, that the total is $4,000.00 and I asked for $5,000.00. The remaining monies will go to; GLASSES that I have not had in SIX YEARS, some little trift store furniture… I currently only own a bed and frame, and some decorations for the new home… to make it more like a HOME. Maybe go out to dinner and see a movie in a theater, and money to SAVE for (I know it is coming) a rainy day. I hope you understand and approve. I just want a little wiggle room. 😉

Other Ways YOU Can Help:

Not everyone that wants to give can afford to give, I understand that… believe me I do! However, there are MANY other ways you can help, here are a few:

  • ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ my campaign and posts (at Facebook and The Other Shoe) With YOUR Facebook friends. Just press ‘Share’ right by the ‘Like’ button. This does TWO things. It shows your Facebook friends that you care. Second, it shows them that you approve of my campaign. SO many people want to help, but hesitate because they do not know the person (me) and do not know if they can be trusted. Your support, this way, is a badge of honor to me. It shows that I can be trusted to do with the money what I claim. I will and I will post proof , like I did with my Power Chair Campaign.
  • Talk about the campaign to; friends, family, fellow church members and members of professional or hobby based groups. Just like the ‘Like’s and ‘Share’s above, talking about the campaign tells your friends and family that you approve and that you can or do give, too. Post the URL to the campaign on Community Bulletin Boards and even ask for a mention in the weekly newsletter @ church or @ work. Honestly, I would prefer $5.00 from 1,000 people… but I am told that is a ‘pipe dream’.
  • Offer goods or services as ‘Donations’ for me to give to people who can donate money. I am going to try to find ways that I can give items as rewards for contributions. Last time I gave away ‘Shout-Outs’ on my blog(s) and on Facebook. You make a donation, of a certain amount at a certain time, and I mention your name and “Thank you!’ in the public domain for everyone to see. This was very popular last time.
  • Offer your time or assistance with me managing the campaign. Offer to share a recipe @ The Other Shoe or an entertaining article. One of the most difficult tasks for me is keeping up the content and posting along with everything else I do. My pain gets SO extreme… and I leave and don’t post for a day or two. During that time my traffic falls, and so do the contributions. ANY assistance with content or posting would be of great assistance to me.


That is all I can think of at this time. However, if I think of anything else I will share it just as soon as I can. Right now I am in extreme pain… I about finished so I am going to push through to the end. I have one more thing to say, then I will post this and pray.



This is not the timing that I wanted, had planned or even desire. I know families are going on vacations. However, the timing was taken out of my hands. From what I am told I have, at the most, 60 days before I am forced out. Today is July 10th, 2013. I have made the campaign for 45 days, because I need the money by the end of September to avoid… the worst possible scenario. If you cannot give, now. Let me know and I will be happy to set up a way for you to contribute at a later time.


Last. “Thank YOU!” Let’s count how many times I say this over the next 45 days. I am guessing close to a thousand. It has taken me three days to write this… correct it… and make sure it is something I want in the public eye. Today is the day… Please. Please help me to move to a safe building with fresh clean water. A place where I can take out my power chair any time that I want without help… That would mean the world to me. And, again,

“Thank YOU!”

Daniel's Relocation and General Assistance Fiunding Canpaign

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