A Week In Review July 20th, 2013

Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. Here we are at another weekend and another edition of ‘A Week In Review’. I must admit, I am proud (very in fact) that for the forth week in a row I have managed to post nearly everyday. Proud in that I have kept the content flowing. Five articles I have published this week, but this week it was not just the number of articles it was the size that impressed, too.


This week saw the publication of the largest edition of ‘MMORPGs And YOU!’. The subject of that edition was a subject close to my heart. Therefore, I went fullbore and presenting; the most content, the most media, and the most of me than ever before. This subject was Star Trek On Line a marriage of one of my favorite intellectual properties and my favorite type of PC game. If, by today, you have not looked at this article I certainly think you should.


Below you will find links, to the article mentioned above, and everything that I have presented to you My Dear Readers in the week that follows us. But that’s not all, as they say on television, two huge articles this week I did write. The other large asked article I presented to you? The Disneyland 50th Anniversary Annual Passholders Exclusive Commemorative Plates and Pins. This article, promoting items I’ve added as perks for my Indiegogo Campaign, had the single largest number of pictures or images of anything I’ve published to date.


As with all the material I published here at The Other Shoe every single image you saw in the article I took myself and put in the article published just for you. If writing, or charity campaign have a ‘Hell Week’ this most certainly was mine. In just one week I have been fortunate to receive a total of $165. That brings the campaign to more than 1/50 of its goal. Right now I would like to express my deep and heartfelt “Thank you” to everyone that shared, with me, this week.


For anyone out there among My Dear Readers that cannot commit a financial donation at this time? This simple act of sharing; my posts, my articles, my updates, and my campaign with your Facebook friends, your family, your congregation, your neighbors will do as much if not more. My Dear Readers understand that by sharing my work and my campaign you not only expand the number of people that are aware you give myself, my work, and my campaign credibility you’d knowledge I am a genuine man in genuine need.

For many good Americans, that easily have the means to help, this is all they need. Someone that they know and respect to show support for someone they’ve known for decades, someone almost like family, to show you care I have a roof over my head… means the world to me.

And now, as again they say on TV, On with the show!


  • Sunday Funnies July 14th 2013 :“Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe and ed by se edition of ‘Sunday Funnies’ for July 14th, 2013. This week I shared with you a video of Alexander learning that the Au Jus from Arby’s is quite hot! Notigarticle was reblogce how he laps at the au jus, then shakes his head, then goes back? It is the shaking of his head that shows me, he found it that it is hot! I wanted to make sure everyone knew that no animals were harmed in the making of this video. Alexander is just fine, he didn’t hurt himself. He soon learned that Au Jus is HOT and that is a lesson well learned. This week’s edition will showcase a special talent and a great love of mine, Priuncess Nadia! Be sure to drop by, tomorrow, and see Nadia in action. I miss her dearly, my heart still breaks when I think of her… her smile, the way she hugged me… everything about her.
  • The Most Recent Footage of Brown Water @ The Cypres Lodge : “Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. It is with deep regret and even embarrassment that I publish, yet another, video and account of the brackish horrid water here at the Cypress Lodge. I would much rather be finishing my article ‘MMORPGs And YOU! – Part Five – Star Trek on Line. However, it is evident that is not to be, as circumstance forces me to publish another video and write another blurb about this building and my fight to have clean water… or move.” The battle for clean water, I lost. The war has yet to be decided. A new company will take over the building the fist of next month. However, what we are being told, by all the current staff, “They are going to move everyone out and remodel all the rooms. They want to rent these units out, as apartments for seniors.” This is why I started my campaign top raise the fund I need to move. I will do anything, and everything, I can to prevent my ending up homeless.
  • MMORPGs Any YOU! – Part Five – Star Trek On Line : “Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to the Fifth edition of ‘MMORPGs And YOU!. Welcome to Part Five – Star Trek On Line. This edition, based on the Star Trek Intellectual Property seems to be timed by a larger force. Perfect World is the current keeper of this storied franchise. This title saw several hands during its creation and birth, but Perfect World finally brought it to the world, and spent the last two years refining STOL.” My finest work, with the more media than ever before, proud of thata I surely am and there is more to come! This article was my most popular this year. It was reblogged several times all over the web. I am very proud of this work of mine, and have decided, this series, not to end. Expect a return. Next week, of edition number six!
  • Disneyland 50th Anniversary Exclusive Dessert Plates and Pins: “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today I am making a departure from my usual faire, and format. Necessity dictates that I push the limits of my creativity, and what I am willing to part with… in order to escape. Escape from a place… well you have seen the videos and you have heard my tales. It’s called ‘Sweetening the Pot’, that which I am about to do.” The largest number of images of any work I have ever published. I took ALL the pictures myself, uploaded them, integrated them into the article and published them myself. The donation was a tremendous gift, to me and the campaign. The set of dessert plates? I scoured the web and not once did I find a reputable place where you can get all six at once. The pins, again I looked and looked, and these four I saw no where else. So, if you (or someone you know or love) collects Disney memorabilia this would make a wonderful gift and one that is certain to gain in value.
  • Texas is Turning Purple? Are you Seeing This? : “Every single month, two things happen, in this changing nation of ours. Factoid one; 237,540 Americans (Baby-Boomers) turn sixty each and every month.[1] Factoid two; every single (same) month, in America, 50,000 Latinos turn voting age (18). [2] These are facts! This is a shifting demographic that does not favor one party of our ‘two party’ system. It is a known and historic fact that; lower income individuals, African Americans (90+% voted Democrat in 2012 elections), the elderly, the poor and Latinos (78% in the last Presidential election) tend to vote Democrat.” I took a chance… I took a risk, a big one. I wrote, this week, a slightly political piece hopping I would do my campaign no harm. I get so many requests for my political works, from people all over the great U.S.A. I cannot ignore My Dear Readers requests out of fear I might offend. Evidently this article was well received… it, too, was reblooged this week. That makes a record for Danny and The Other Shoe. TWO articles in ONE week reblogged and spread over the internet. Each and every time I get te notification one of my works has been reblogged (for anyone that is not familiar, this is the act of another blogger putting my work up on their site for everyone of their readers to enjoy) my heart jumps and I get a lump in my throat. It is an honor, to have my work shared with other readers, just like you.
  • News From The Front – #1 July 19, 2013 : “Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. Today I am departing, again, from routine. My purpose here, today, is twofold; First a heartfelt and genuine “Thank you!” to the most recent of Daniel’s Angels for making a contribution to my Relocation Campaign. Second, an update to my current living situation (the very reason for said campaign). I have just received notification that “the building has been sold and the new owners take control August 1st, 2013. Thus ending a decade long relationship between myself and the property management company Satellite Management Company. The final work of this long and difficult week was an Update on everything from my world. The only thing I left out… was my; lack of sleep, my worsening pain, and the feelings of terror I am experiencing. I know that many-some of you think my claims of ending up homeless are hyperbole. That is not true. I do not have the money… nor the manpower to move… I do not have the financial means, either. If, on August 1st, they come and tell me I have to move. I am pretty well boned. I pray this is not the case… regardless of what the employees here tell me. Oh, FYI every employee here is getting fired. They have each come to my door telling me about this fact. I have been here ten years and have gotten to know the staff quite well. They know I was a property manager for fifteen years, and hope I have leads for them to find work. I point them to the companies I know and I wish them all the luck. One of the workers being fired? Has been with the company, cleaning these rooms, for twenty-five years! Yet, at the drop of the hat, they let them go and send them on their way. Do you really think they will treat me any differently? I don’t.

That brings us to the end of another ‘A Week In Review’ and another week here @ The Other Shoe. I hope you have enjoyed my work, and that you come back next week for more. As always, I am honored that you come here and read my work here @ The Other Shoe. Please, if I may ask a favor? Please Share. If you have the means, and want to help me avoid living on the streets. Please just click below and help me, help myself stand tall.

Thank YOU!

Please Share?!

Daniel's Relocation and General Assistance Fiunding Canpaign

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I am a; writer, editor and publisher. I write, most often, articles about our space program, fun videos andpolitical works. My most recent additions are; A Week In Review, Sunday Funnies and The Adventures of Nadia. Along with The Mars Report and Lost in Space. ENJOY!

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