A Week In Review – July 14, 2013

 Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to ‘A Week In Review July 14, 2013’ here @ The Other Shoe. This really has been a very tough week for me. I started my Indiegogo campaign, fought with this management company, filed a complaint against them with California Fair Housing, wrote half-a-dozen articles for here and spent an hour in my 90-degree room without electricity. However, if I had to do it all over again… I would. I believe in my work, I believe in myself and I honestly believe that people will help me move to a safer disabled friendly home.


I wanted to have this article posted by 5PM in Texas, today Saturday. However, it just did not happen that way. Once I quit beating myself up for another failure, I got busy writing so that I might be able to publish this, while it is still Saturday Not only was this week a very busy week, it was also a week I should have celebrated.


This week I published my 200tharticle here @ The Other Shoe. I hadn’t been watching the count, since I just hit 100 articles over @ The Other Shoe at Word Press. I was just transferring another article from Word to here, and I happen to see the count (at the top of the page) @ 198. My heart did a little jump (not like the ones I get all the time) and I smiled, for a minute.

I used to smile all the time, and people often mentioned that I had a nice smile. I hardly smile at all, anymore. Maybe one day, perhaps soon, that will change. Anywho, on with the show! Below are shorts from this week’s work and a link to each article. I hope that you enjoy. I ask only one thing. Can you please ‘Share’ my articles and my funding campaign? Thank you.


  • 200 Articles here @ The Other Shoe : “You read the title correctly, you know the count. Today I have surpassed even my expectations by passing 200. 200 articles here @ The Other Shoe! I started this blog late summer 2010. I started then as a political blog to address the upcoming Presidential election and the corresponding level of hate. What I saw, for the second time in my life, as the southern part of America almost literally explode in a volley of hate. I began writing to be a counter weight to said hate. This blog has come a long way in just three years.” [I will be quite forthright with you, My Dear Readers, I honestly surprised that I made it this far. That I had that much content in my skull, and that I haven’t fallen and ended up doing a ‘Christopher Reeve’ impression, already. I will keep writing and publishing for you all, just as long as I am able. I promise!
  • It is With Deep Regret I Ask… : “Now that I have, hopefully, allayed your fears I have some news. Just Wednesday I received some news. I have been made aware that the new management, of the building I live, is changing. The building has been sold and with that comes new management. I was also told that with the new owners will come huge change. I was told that; the manager, the cleaning staff and every other employee has been given notice. They can either move to another property, at a much reduced rate, or they can just be fired. Now, I love logic, and logic dictates that; if this is the way they treat employees (some here for 10+ years) then how will they treat residents? How will they treat residents? Especially residents that, while just defending the right to fresh water and reasonable repairs, have caused them trouble.” [I really thought that I would make it out of there without having to resort to… this. This is an embarrassment to me, and one I am not likely to forget. However, timing of the sale of this building, and the brown water combined to make what I dreed and inevitability. I hope that you can forgive… and I hope that you can give. Thank you,
  • Exciting Brackish Water Update – Video Too! : “Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to an exciting update in my continued painful and humiliating experiences here @ Cypress Lodge. Today two gentlemen from the Cypress Lodge maintenance staff came to my room… carrying a compressed air canister and a hose.

“Oh, this is going to be good” I said to myself… compressed air and brackish water, how long will I be cleaning up their mess?” As usual, once they finished spraying water all over and not fixing any problem I cleaned up their mess. What more can I say, the water is still ugly filthy and I have to bathe and do dishes in it. My dishes smell of rust, and my skin… well, just feels sticky and icky.

  • · MMORPGs And YOU! – Part Four – Guild Wars 2 : “Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe and another edition of ‘MMORPGs and YOU!’. Let me first take a moment to say “Thank You!” to all of you who have been reblogging this series all over the net. It is really quite flattering, and humbling to, to see this sign of appreciation of my work. I have been writing, here at The Other Shoe, for nearly 3 years and this is the first time I had one of My Dear Readers share my work with others. Again, thank you.” Well, if I were to die tomorrow, I would at least finally had one of my articles reblogged. That is quite an honor and I hope that it happens again, sometime. I work very hard on this series. These games have brought me a lot of happiness, over the years. My disability is easier to live with, when I can go into one of these games and; ride a horse, run in a field, battle an Orc or just pick some herbs and make a brew. Maybe, one day, one of you will join me in a game. One can hope, right?
  • · The Whittling of America : “Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to ‘The Whittling of America’ here @ The Other Shoe. Have you ever watched a man whittle a piece of wood into something of wonder and joy? As a young boy I used to watch my maternal grandfather whittle away at anything he could put his hands on. It keep his hands busy and his mind off of drink. When I got older, he taught me how to whittle, too.” This article… I have been thinking on it… for weeks-months. I awoke this morning and it was riding in the front of my mind, just waiting for me to put it into Word. I am proud of this work. I am proud of all my work. However, this one is special. I hope that you enjoyed.


That brings us to the end of this ‘A Week In Review’ and to the end of another week here @ The Other Shoe. As always, I am honored that you dropped by and read. I am honored that you come and visit. I have one request. Can you please ‘Share’? I, also, need some help. If you are of the mind? Please, click the box below… and give?

Thank you!


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