A Week In Review – July 7th 2013

Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to this week’s edition of ‘A Week In Review’. My week has been preoccupied with my ongoing battle to get clean fresh water. This issue reflects that goal, and my preoccupation. Later today I will post, yet another, plea. A plea to have the owners of this building do the honorable thing and either provide clean fresh drinking water to myself and the residents of this building or provide me with the means (financial) to move. Neither will happen, I know this in my heat.


Therefore, this week I announced (aside from the 100 articles at the other The Other Shoe) that I will be starting another funding campaign. Against my grain, I do this, but to save myself from ending up homeless. There will be more announcements, in the following week, about where and when and how anyone that wants to… can help.


Without further Adieu here are my article published this week @ The Other Shoe.


  • Cypress Lodge Brown Water Still July 1, 2013 : “This is getting ridiculous, don’t you think? An American should be able to get FRESH and CLEAN water in America in 2013. Right? I have spoken to the more times than I can count. They have not shown reasonable concern for the safety of my neighbors, or me.”
  • July 5th, 2013 Brown Water AGAIN at the Cypress Lodge : “Welcome back, My dear Readers, to The Other Shoe! I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable ‘Forth’ and that your animals are safe, too. I know Alexander was quite scared, yesterday, with all the bangs, booms, and pops. I kept him in bed with me the whole day, he was shaking so hard.”
  • MMORPGs And YOU! – Part Three – Aion : “Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe and another edition of ‘MMORPGs and YOU!’ Today’s edition, of this fine series of articles, will cover the game Aion. Aion is a game by the company NCSoft. You might well know that company for its creations; Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, Lineage 2,andBlade and Soul. I must be true and tell you of all the games that I have just listed I have played all but one, Blade and Soul.”
  • 100 Articles Here @ Word Press – The Other Shoe: “Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to a celebration @ The Other Shoe! (at Word Press) It was not so long ago that I started this second blog here at Word Press. For many reasons, I did this, not the least of was this; to ensure that my Readers anytime of the day could find my content to read on the world wide web. See, the mainThe Other Shoeover at Blog.com has problems staying ‘up’. All too often I go there to work, and find the site broken and unable I am to work. A year ago I resolved to fix this infuriating problem, once and for all. ‘You should mirror your content’ I heard a voice in my head say ‘That way your Readers have content no matter what… and you can work uninterrupted when ever you want!’”
  • Sunday Funnies July 7th, 2013 : “Welcome back , My Dear Readers, to another edition of the ‘Sunday Funnies’ here @ The Other Shoe. Today I have another short video of Alexander Hanning. This week he is stashing curly fires (from Arby’s) in his ‘Vacation home’. (His self-constructed home in the sidearm of my bed-desk that holds my computer. That way he can; stash food, be alone, get some privacy, sleep all without leaving Daddy’s side. I think he was under the impression winter was on the horizon because he took, all together, ten or twelve fries with him that day.”


That about rounds out the week here @ The Other Shoe. I have kept my word, it is my bond, to bring you My Dear Readers all of the basic content I have promised. I have published; ‘MMORPGs And YOU!’ and ‘A Week In Review’ and my ‘Sunday Funnies’. I not only do this because I promised, I will admit. I do this because I love to, that is the heart of it. I do it because I like making people; think, smile and even laugh sometimes. I do it because I can, and I know that I should. However, this week… the past two months have weighed heavily on me.


Not The Other Shoe, something else has dug under my skin. I have tried to share, even started the Word doc and the draft here, but it just won’t come out. I am working as hard as my body will allow, on ‘The Adventures of Princess Nadia’ and The Other Shoe. I keep working, frantically at times, knowing that if I can get things finished… then some money I might make. That money would empower me to take my life back… get somewhere, safe. Take care of myself and gain some independence, too.


Independence means the world to me. Standing on my own two feet. Not relying on other kindness or patience means more now than ever before. Not being independent means people can hurt you. They can get in your head. They can trample feelings and make one feel worthless, simply because they are different. I waited a lifetime to ‘come out of the closet’. Only to have this disability go and make me different again.


All too many people see disability as things it is not. They see the disabled as weak and worthless and even a social drain. Some can be more than unkind and take advantage of disabled people, even in their home. Do you have nay idea just how that can make a person feel unsafe even in their home? Anyway, I have probably said too much.


Have a great Sunday and be sure to check out the ‘Sunday Funnies’ right here at The Other Shoe.


Daniel's Relocation and General Assistance Fiunding Canpaign

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I am a; writer, editor and publisher. I write, most often, articles about our space program, fun videos andpolitical works. My most recent additions are; A Week In Review, Sunday Funnies and The Adventures of Nadia. Along with The Mars Report and Lost in Space. ENJOY!

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