My Deepest Regrets

Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Right now it is late Saturday evening, about 8 o’clock, and I am coming to you to express my regret. Regret that I was unable to provide what I promised. Regret I find myself unable to share what I want.


In the past two weeks, My Dear Readers, I have been hell-bent to provide you with more content. Last week I added ‘A Week in Review’ to The Other Shoe. And, last Sunday I shared with you my ‘Sunday Funnies’. As I wrote in on Monday it was my intent to make these weekly articles and add to my content. I even started a series of articles very close to my heart. It’s going to be about my other hobby computer gaming, specifically MMORPG’s.


What I failed to anticipate however was the extent of damage I was doing, to my body, working as hard as I was. I pushed and pushed myself, I awoke every day with a plan and a goal and I met them for two weeks. Yesterday I could barely get out of bed. My pain was tremendous my nick and neck was stiff and sore my hand I could hardly use and I was infuriated at myself.


Thursday came, today, and it was laundry day. I had someone here to help me so I could not postpone. I started early postcard the best I could and by noon I was finished. I had help getting bathe and I got out of the tub. My friend left to go to work, and I thought I would be fine. But, My Dear Readers, I did underestimate. I underestimated just how hard at been pushing myself over the past two weeks. I underestimated how hot it was today doing laundry and how much I’d sweat.


Shortly after my caregiver left I took a bit of a fall. I wrenched my neck something fierce and something popped in my neck. I found myself now and even more pain in my left hand and arm are on vacation again. Please don’t worry, I’m sure it will return, my hand and arm that is, they always do however, I anticipate this time as with others when it does return it will just be less.


Honestly, that’s what I hate most about my disease. It takes from you in bits and pieces nearly every single day it whittles away. It whittles away at my dexterity. It whittles away at my boat ability. It whittles away at my body each and every day. I did not want to write this, My Dear Readers, I did not want to admit. The regret that I feel for not being able to keep up with my goals.


I am not committing admitting defeat I am not giving in. Everything that I’ve said that I will bring to you I will do everything in my power to bring to this blog and you. Tomorrow I might feel a whole lot better, and that is my hope. If this is the case then my weekend articles will appear right here. If tomorrow I wake up in the same pain and in the same condition I sheer I will fail. There, My Dear Readers, is the source of my regret


I was really looking forward, and I’m really hoping I still will, share with everyone that comes here all the beauty, joy, and challenge that comes with the games that I play. Besides writing, and reading, and politics, and friends these virtual-reality games bring me happiness. That is why I wanted to share them with you, My Dear Readers, is to share some of that joy.


As well, each day I look at the traffic reports for these blogs. Today I looked at them again with regret. The traffic is waiting and for me that means I’m failing. And that’s something I just can’t accept. I’m going to do my best to figure out a way to provide that content and articles I have promised without damaging my health. I want to write, and write, and write so you can enjoy stop I also write because they help stave off the loneliness. I just wanted to write you. I just wanted to say I’m sorry for not being able to provide you with all the content that I know I can’t.


As if this were not enough. Today I was told by the manager of the building this building is being sold. The new owners want to remodel every apartment and it looks like they might force all of us to leave. I’ve been here 10 years, and I don’t like living here, but I thought I would have more time to prepare. Right now I don’t have the financial resources are the strong bodies to assist if these new owners decide they want me to move out. I just found out about this for hours ago and it’s left me kind of really kind of unhinged. I will share more as soon as possible, as soon as I know more, but that’s all I know. So on top of everything else that’s happening and everything else that I’m losing I might only have a short period of time to find a new place to live.


Well, My Dear Readers, I have to go. I hate to leave you hanging, and I apologize for that, but this is the best I can do right now. As always, thank you for coming I am honored that you come here and read. I look forward to seeing you again soon in providing you with everything I have promised.

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