Busy Week, Two!

Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to another week here @ The Other Shoe. Last week was fantastic, we had several ‘firsts’, this week proves to be even better as I have things in the works. And let us a recap those first, from last week, and then will move on. On to what I have in store for this week and maybe beyond.



The 1st first(s) will be my favorite to come, ‘A Week In Review’ is already one of my most popular articles here @ The Other Shoe. Looking at the traffic report it is easy to see, that this article series will be a big hit. I have received some feedback, and it I will apply. Seems the traffic report is best published separate, seems it took something away, from the overall success of the ‘A Week in Review’.


So in future editions, that appear on the weekend, the article ‘A Week In Review’ will appear separately from any traffic reports. Next is another success, from this weekend,  ‘Sunday Funnies’ was also a huge success. The ‘hits’, on the featured video this weekend, went up quite a lot. For this summer Alex will be the ‘Star’ of my funnies. Everyone commented that they loved him, and wanted to see more. So, every Sunday from now on, you will see Alex play and have fun! I already have several, videos of him and his antics, and each and every Sunday I will share one with you. My Dear Readers I am really quite excited. Not since my Indiegogo campaigns have I been so engaged.


Not since that three months, and the month the blog began, Have I had this much fun writing and sharing my work. Now my weekends will be full, of Sunday Funnies and A Week In Review will be busy and productive and focused on You!


Now for the end of teasing and pimping last week’s work. Now comes This Week and what I have planned. I will be covering the SCOTUS decision(s), be they one or be they two. I will write about that, and share my feeling and point of view. However, better than that I have something new! I am going to share something personal, something I simply LOVE to do! I love gaming, no not the gambling kind. I love leaving my little room, full of pain and humiliation, and venture far away. I go to other worlds, and then I play!


This week I hope to bring you some info and pictures! (Honestly I am trying to make some videos from within the games. Show you what it is like to fight another player, or make something to wear.) IF all goes as planned I will review and share FOUR games. They will be; Rift, Aion, Star Trek Online, and Age of Conan (IF I have the time, and my pain is subdued, I will include another game Guild Wars 2!).


Everyone of these games ahs given me hours of fun. I have hours of fun and enjoyment and even escapism, too. Through all of my illness and all my physical loss. These games have given me something that no doctor ever could. They gave me a place where I WALK without cruch or cane or power chair. Heck, I can even RUN! In these games there are no limits, on what I can do. No disability to prevent me from riding a horse or climbing a mountain. No pain from working too hard or walking too far. Just enjoyment and challenges and even friends, too.


So, later today I hope to begin. With posting some art, and photos (from within the game) and maybe a video or two. I am looking forward to this series, I think we will have fun. And, don’t worry, I will be publishing The Mars Report, A Week In Review and Sunday Funnies. All you, My Dear Readers, need do? Drop by and ENJOY!


About Daniel Hanning
I am a; writer, editor and publisher. I write, most often, articles about our space program, fun videos andpolitical works. My most recent additions are; A Week In Review, Sunday Funnies and The Adventures of Nadia. Along with The Mars Report and Lost in Space. ENJOY!

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