June 2013 A Republican Waterloo?

The question is, My Dear Readers, will June 2013 turn into the Republican Party’s Waterloo? Let me take a moment to outline the; blunders, bloggers, failures and problems the Republican Party has made in just the past 20 days.


So grab a cup of coffee and maybe a little nosh and let’s spend the next three minutes discussing Republican loss.


. I would like to start from the most recent and I feel largest loss of the Republican Party and the speaker of the House of Representatives John Beohner. The complete and utter failure of the farm aid/food stamp act this week. In just one day of taking floor amendments in the House of Representatives 103 amendments were added to this food aid/food stamp legislation. As I have explained in my article ‘A House, Upside Down’ this Farm Aid/Food Stamp (SNAP) is a yearly authorization or ‘housekeeping ‘ legislation. That has been passed, without incident or comment, for decades.


However, Speaker Boehner could not get his Republican members to walk and chew bubblegum at the same time. This failure also falls into the lap of the House Majority Whip Rep. Eric Cantor. It is the responsibility of the Whip to work with Republican members of the House of Representatives to bring the will of the Speaker to the floor. They all should (and under Speaker (D) Pelosi the Democratic Majority worked in unison and passed 400+ bills in just one year). The Speaker writer the bill, with support from the Majority Whip and senior members of the party, and it gets voted out of the subcommittee.


Now, it is the job of the Majority Whip to make sure Republican representatives do not tack on too many stray amendments that will kill the bill in the House or kill it in reconciliation. That is what did not happen today. Mind you, this Farm Bill came out of the Senate with overwhelming support, bipartisan support to the tune of 70+ votes. Now, this bipartisan bill comes to the House and it dies a death on 103 cuts. All at the hands of the ‘all for one and just for me!’ of the ‘new’ hedonistic self-interested far right wing of the Grand Old Party. 


I am a Reagan-Democrat. Yes, I voted for Ronald Reagan. I spoke to him, over ham radio, when I was just a boy. It made an impression, and so did he. I have voted with the Republican party, before, and this scares the pants off of me. This is, at this very moment, rippling through foreign markets. Our debtors and allies are viewing this, poorly.


This is a very public failure, on an international stage, a failure by Republican representatives to take the time to add only pertinent amendments. By the speaker of the House of Representatives. It really is debacle’s like this, and the entrance intransigent party members knee-jerk reaction over raising the debt limit, that cause creditors and international markets to take pause when looking at America.


The next failure, the Republicans had, this week was in court… way over in SCOTUS Land! The Republicans have, since 2008, thought that aliens and people of ‘different’ decent, should at the polls, have papers to present. This very week that very body, SCOTUS, has decided that states simply cannot. Demand at/for polling proof of citizenship. This bodes well for our citizens of Hispanic decent. It works well for Arabs, Hindu and Jew. These ethnic groups, these American immigrants, they tend to vote with the Democrats. They believe in equality they believe in fair play. They seek, one day maybe, to stand equal with all Americans. They know that their chances, with Democrats side-by-side, that they will be accepted and their sons and daughters, too. We are a nation of immigrants, from our very birth. My grandfather came here, form across the great pond. And if her hadn’t, I would have never been an American at all!


That makes two failures/blunders for the Republicans this week. Next, another most public, another most foul. The Republicans did blunder, only this time if was Rep. Issa. On Thursday Rep. Cummings did make public the evidence, that in the IRS office the Republican Supervisor said; no conversations or orders, no phone calls or email did they ever receive from the White House. What they did, they did without direction. What they did, they did out of diligence for the job. It was not about politics, it was about a exponential explosion of applications for non-profit and all of them, in their titles, was a political comment. They had to determine if these tax status seekers where genuine or fake. The amount of politics too much or too great is difficult to determine and they went foul by going too far.


This no makes the (Solyndra, Fast& Furious, Benghazi, IRS) forth failed investigation, the forth failed conspiracy, the forth failed “Watergate”, and the forth how many millions of tax payer dollars spent?


And now for my least favorite, my most dreaded failure to date. This week the Republicans, from miles away and on another street, they took aim at the High Court. Roe v Wade they want reversed, the Republicans it seems. And they are willing to do, pretty much anything to get what they want. So this week they passed a law, that went against the Great Court, and said that twenty weeks, would be for abortions the limit. Now, Speaker Beohner, and all of the tea party representatives. Know full well in their hearts and souls, that never through the Senate will this bill get. Never to the desk of President Obama, and never into law.


However, for the very last I have saved the most powerful of all, the one thing that can be a kryptonite for Republicans in the fall. Immigration. If today is any measure, if today bodes what’s to come. Then Immigration will be dead there, just as quick as it comes. If Republicans cannot pass a Senate Immigration bills, before the 2014 elections, they can hang up national dominance for a long time to come. They can forget the White House, and the Speakership too. They can forget about purity and that darn tea-party, too. Because, if they do not make the ten million part of the one. Then when it does happen (and I can assure you, it will) then all these peoples will blame Republicans for it not happening, this year. They will be, reasonably, angered and they will tell it to their sons. They will tell it to the daughters, and grandchildren, too. That the Republicans kept citizenship form them for too many years. They will remind them of the hardship, the inequality too. Of the underpaid wages and humiliation as well.


Now, that is only part, that is only some. And only half through June, have we come. They still have two plus weeks, to drill themselves more. To insult more women, and Hispanics, too. Time to dwell in the past, and ignore all science. Time to tell the American public, that you can cut taxes and the poor will then pay. Give the money to the wealthy, and forget. Everything will get better, if you just wait. Just keep electing them, time and time and again. Now decades have passed, and the rich are more rich and the poor are more poor. And somehow, by trick or by magic the middle class did disappear. Oh well, don’t worry, they were not meant to survive. Or in the end, they would have, now isn’t that right?


There were other setbacks, in Texas and other states. These Republicans just keep talking about rape. That and babies… but no food once they are born. Well, My Dear Readers, that will make a full lid. That brings us to parting and that I regret. I love our time together, I enjoy that you read. I hope that you can come back often, and read. Thank you. I know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to news and entertainment. I am honored that you choose The Other Shoe.


About Daniel Hanning
I am a; writer, editor and publisher. I write, most often, articles about our space program, fun videos andpolitical works. My most recent additions are; A Week In Review, Sunday Funnies and The Adventures of Nadia. Along with The Mars Report and Lost in Space. ENJOY!

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