Much Ado About Nothing? (for 2013)


“Today, the Maryland Democrat and his colleagues apparently got tired of waiting. Greg Sargent has the story:

Democrats on the House Oversight Committee have just released a full transcript of testimony from a key witness in the investigation of IRS targeting of conservatives — and it appears to confirm that the initial targeting did originate with a low-level employee in the Cincinnati office.

It also shows a key witness and IRS screening manager – a self-described conservative Republican — denying any communication with the White House or senior IRS officials about the targeting.

Imagine that. Issa didn’t want the public to see all of the relevant information, because the truth interfered with the preferred Republican narrative.”


Just had to share this newest info… that supports my position outlined in this article. Timing was awesome, huh?

[Below is the original article I wrote on June 16th & 17th and posted today 6/18/13]


Employees of the IRS choose to scrutinize applications by obvious Tea Party organizations. That was wrong. That is not “Nothing” (wooo weee I finally properly used a double negative), not to me not to the American people. However, not everything is Watergate. Not every problem with the many tentacles of the Federal government reaches the White House. I know that there is a handful of Americans that wish everything, wrong with Washington, reached directly to the Oval Office. That is just not the case.


The inquiry done, by the Justice department and the Senate, points to one group of people in one regional processing center. From what I have read this was the extent of the corruption and that these individuals were not under orders from the White House. That is the ‘bottom line’ for me in this matter. Here is a conclusion from US Today:

“From May 2010 through about May 2012, the IRS’ determinations unit, based in Cincinnati, flagged 298 groups seeking tax-exempt status for additional scrutiny. Of those, 96 were singled out because they were affiliated with the tea party, according to an Inspector General’s office review of the targeting.”[1]


IMHO This is just one more of Rep. Issa’s failed ‘Witch Hunts’. First there was Solyndra, NOTHING! Then there was Fast & Furious, NOTHING! And finally there was Benghazi, and NOTHING! Each and every “investigation” costs the American taxpayers million to tens of millions of dollars. Four down, and no wins. To the average America, without political spin, four investigations producing nothing further than fodder for Faux Snooze. Since when was it the role of one political party to keep a noob (sixteen years in 2013) cable ‘news’ network in business? Since when it is acceptable for the American taxpayer to pay for the lavish and prolonged investigations into Much Ado About Nothing?


Evidence that I speak the truth? The quoted article above is eleven days old and that is a long time in a 24/7/365 news cycle. Rep. Issa has another swing and a miss. When will Republicans tire of keeping Faux Snooze in the business clogging the arteries of lawmaking and when will the few Americans that fall for this claptrap wake up and smell the coffee? Honestly, I watched the fodder from all three of these worthless investigations fall by the wayside. All those tens of millions of dollars completely wasted. That money could have fed undernourished children in the South. It could have paid for textbooks for said children and some rental assistance to boot.


This is no longer just an irritant, this looks to me like abuse. This is abuse by Rep. Darrell Issa and Congressional Republicans. This is abuse by a certain cable ‘news’ network.  And In My Humble Opinion, there is one investigation Americans need, but it is not happening. Americas need to investigate the connections between Rep. Issa and Faux Snooze. Aye, there’s the rub! The real investigation is the most obvious, and the most difficult to hold. Who is going to investigate the abuse of power, the willful and negligent use of taxpayer dollars for hearings and food and staff for FOUR FAILED investigations just to keep faux snooze airtime full of conspiracies and fodder? Who should be paying for these investigations via faux proxy Rep. Issa?


It should not be US!


Thank you for dropping by and reading. I know that you have many sources for news and entertainment and I am honored that you choose The Other Shoe!

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