As the Earth Rotates On Its Axis.

As the Earth Rotates On Its Axis.



The sun rises, each and every day, in the East and sets here in the West. We rise each day with a desire in our hearts, just to make it trough another day without hurting anyone or getting hurt by anyone. As the Earth rotates on its axis we ride along @ roughly 1,000 miles per hour. We all make mistakes, some large some small, and most of us learn from our mistakes. Our friends and loved ones make mistakes, we work to help them overcome and forgive their errors. As the Earth rotates on its axis.


There is another ‘old saying’ most of us heard as children and understood as adults. “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water’. This is an adage to caution mankind about the volatility of his zeal. How zealotry and purism can harm the cause of the zealots. In politics it is the ongoing battle to keep from boxing one self into a corner. Example; ‘legitimate rape’. Said by a Republican running for the Senate, it impacted the larger political debate, and the Presidential election. One man indulged his zeal, in an attempt to kowtow to his fringe/base, and he hamstringed the Presidential campaign. As the Earth rotates on its axis.


One day, back in August of 1987 a department manager at a Target store puts a typewriter in the last place on earth it should be, on the top of a stack of loosely stacked cardboard boxes. He goes home, that night, thinking little of the mistake he made, nor of the steel typewriter hanging perilously thirty feet above unsuspecting heads.  At 2:15PM the next day, that very typewriter dropped on a thirty-year-old male’s head, and forever changed that man’s life. One man’s slough results in another man loosing his ability to walk… to eat and swallow. One misplaced typewriter ends up devastating another man’s life, forever. As the Earth rotates on its axis.


A young man makes a wonderful new friend, while starting college. They perform together, and end up rooming together. The young man gets to know the friend, and his new wife. The wife becomes pregnant, and one day the young man asks his friend to cover a graveyard shift so the young man can “get better acquainted’ with a woman he hopes to one day marry. That night the store his held up by a man with a gun. That night the young man looses his best friend to a violent crime with a gun. The friend died just because the young man wanted to fall in love. As the Earth rotates on its axis.


We all make mistakes. Some of us have the good fortune to look back without regret. Some of us can never really look back, with out great pain. Not that pain, in and of its self, is a bad thing. Personally, pain has brought about great change. Pain can clear the mind and purge the soul. Pain can crystallize priorities. Pain can bring vision. Though there is a lot to be said about not being in pain, I am only guessing as I awake in pain and go to sleep in pain. That’s my life, right now, pain. As the Earth rotates on its axis.


Crazy, that, my pain drives me to put thought to paper. It is also pain that keeps my thoughts from being put to paper.  A year ago, my pain was a huge motivator. It helped me; start, organize, run, promote, and successfully conclude a charity project. My pain kept me focused on the goal, while daily reminding me of the reason I needed to raise money. Soon I would not be able to walk. I didn’t want to try and raise the money after the fact. I knew depression would follow the loss… it always had before. That day is pretty much here, and I was right. A week ago I was full of life and vigor. I was writing more than I had in a year’s time. I was starting a novel that I saw in my mind, and felt in my heart. Time and effort had combined to give me a little shot at life, again. As the Earth rotates on its axis.


Monday came, and I just couldn’t move. Something has changed, in my condition. Something deeply disturbing.


As a young boy I was often sick. My brother Darrell most likely will not remember, do not know if he does or not. When I was just a toddler… I had to wear metal braces pon my legs. I was a often sick young boy. Each and every Easter I spent in bed, in Houston on Thrush street. I would manage to contract strep throat every spring, and would spend the spring holidays lying in bed with high fevers. One year I saw purple elephants dancing like an animated border between the walls and ceiling of our family room. I was so sick and had such I high fever I was kept in the front room. One year, the fever was so high… my arms and legs felt like spaghetti… and things seeming small felt large, and large small. I was disconnected from my body, by a fever. As the Earth rotates on its axis.


Last week, I started having that feeling again. This time I have no fever… beyond one to make a dream come true. My dream; ‘Princess Nadia and the Healing Light’ is all I think about. It lives inside me, clawing at my mind day and night wanting to come out. But my hands feel like they are miles away. I have moments, even afternoons, where I can work. Like today. Today I decided to talk to you, My Dear Readers, about my blog and my life. I really want to write my blog, I love to share and entertain. Hell, you see it. I write, quite regularly, then I fade.  In and out, like the light of a lightning bug. But this darn earth just keeps rotating on its axis, ticking away my days and nights.


I want to be here with you, My Dear Readers. However, Nadia is calling me. Believe it or not, a whole world is calling me. Oh, it’s Earth and you will recognize it easily. Things are just really different… sometimes better. Without help, I cannot be in two places at once. Without help I cannot keep this blog with new content, and build a world that lives inside me and yearns to be released.  Maybe, soon, these feelings will lessen. Maybe they will stop. Just as likely they will worsen. I am going to keep trying to do both, without help.


However, if push comes to shove, I will put my story… Nadia’s story first. I will share bits and parts here @ The Other Shoe. But, I cannot share a lot. I want to publish my work, when done, and nobody is going to publish a novel that is already… well, free.


Will this be a mistake? Who knows? Will I get help? Who knows? Will I tell my tale (tail… hehehe)? Y E S baring my body giving up on me tomorrow, I will finish writing Nadia’s tale. And the Earth continues to rotate on its axis.

About Daniel Hanning
I am a; writer, editor and publisher. I write, most often, articles about our space program, fun videos andpolitical works. My most recent additions are; A Week In Review, Sunday Funnies and The Adventures of Nadia. Along with The Mars Report and Lost in Space. ENJOY!

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