April Traffic Report – End Of

            Today I am going to post some information and charts covering the traffic here @ The Other Shoe.  First, this information is just for this site, here at blog.com. I am working to get the traffic reports from my mirror blog @ Word Press.  Just at the end of last month, did I finally the the other other shoe registered with google analytics and Bing. Honest, I just started this blog to vent a little, politically, and keep stir crazy at bay. I never really intended for this to be commercial. ‘The best laid plans of mice and men’ apparently applies to middle-aged men and their rats. Now, on to the article… stay tuned till the end (or skip there if you are @ work) I have something personal/important to say.


 Keep in mind this is only a half of a month in genuine traffic. I did not return, with any regularity, to The Other Shoe until April 15th. It wasn’t a great month, My Dear Readers. I remember the reports, back in August and September 2012, where I had one thousand hits and regular readers in South Korea and India. I do not know if I will physically be able to do that, again. I really want to write on a regular basis… if only there was another another author here @ The Other Shoe! Still there are enough visitors for us to get some helpful information to improve this blog.


Over View One

(Overview Part One)


This is an over view of the traffic report from Google Analytics. Google analytics is a free service from Google you just need to set it up at the site linked above. I was absent from this blog from mid November until mid April the next year. I looked at the traffic reports for those months, and it is a flat line with the regular blip. A handful of people just kept coming back and seeing if there was anything new posted. That would be you My Dear Readers. I did notice. However, I am happy to report that once I started posting, again, the traffic came back quickly. Already I am experiencing weekend traffic of 20’s per day. That is not a bad (re)start for my blog after being dormant for five months. I am happy to see My Dear Readers return.


Over View Page Two

(Overview Part Two)


These first two images are an over view of the traffic between April 7th, 2013 and May 7th, 2013. For the most part, the hills and valleys directly correspond to the days I have new content posted, and when I do not. [You should see the traffic reports from the five months I was gone. Looks like a ‘flat line’ from a heart monitor.] As well, a majority of returning readers drop by for a short visit during the week. Then they will come back on the weekend, read several pages, and stay for up to an hour. [My Dear Readers, I have never allowed ads on my blog. Previously, I only allowed ads for my funding campaigns. After the first of next year that may well have to change. I will keep you posted] Next I am going to show you the breakdown of traffic according to where our blog Readers live!


international-readers- page views

(Visitor Breakdown – Page views)


.Three readers have dropped by my blog from the country of Cyprus.



(Map Showing the Location of Cyprus)


A super sincere ‘Shout-Out!’ to my readers from Cyprus!! I am actually making reading about your country, and current events there, a priority for future reading. Look for an article based on that reading soon.


Further, I have one reader from Hong Kong (“Hello, Eddie Lo!”), one from Germany and two from unknown. Think out of all this information, that has me creeped out the most. Where in the world is ‘unknown’? But this is a good start for a content source that was just MIA for five months. Yes, I am going to explain that repeated phrase… a little, soon. In order for me to capture more of the foreign audiences I need to be posting very late at night and very early in the morning. This was not a problem during the Power Chair and Moving assistance campaigns on Indiegogo. I has not getting much sleep at all, for three months. So, I garnered more of these international audiences because my posts would be appearing as Newly Posted; on the blogs, in RSS feeds, on Google, and @ the blog sties themselves. I just may recapture this same audience in a month or so.



(New or Returning Readers Status)



The chart above shows the traffic broken down by either New Reader or Returning Reader. From this breakdown, I take heart. I am very happy to see that more of my traffic is returning readers to new readers. This cannot continue, I need to expand my readership and I really need to do that last week. [My Dear Readers you can help me by sharing my Facebook posts, ‘Liking’ my article or Facebook page or telling friends at work and family. Thank you!] I am not gravely concerned, at this time, that readership is not expanding. Some tell me that my ‘numbers are upside down…’. We will keep an eye on these numbers in the future.




This number is ‘Right side up’, for the most part. People stay longer at my blog. If you look at the stats on page turns, you see that people read more than one article and turn two or more pages. This will greatly help when I move to an advertising format. I am personally happy that people like to read more, not less, of what I write. *blush*




(Another breakdown of International Readers)



So, My Dear Readers are in; America, Mexico, Alaska, India, Hong Kong (Hi Eddie!), and Eastern Europe. I have a lot of area to expand, and nothing would make me happier!



(Broken Down by Browser & OS)


This image shows that Microsoft Internet Explorer is the most used browser (that tells me that I have a more mature audience), but there is a lot of app views of my pages. This means that some of you, My Dear Readers, are reading my works via your iPhone or Android. Thank you for mobile reading my work. 😉



(Visitor Flow)


Our last image for the day shows the flow of our visitors once they arrive here @ The Other Shoe. This looks good, to me. I can improve, one way by getting help with my site design to improve the traffic flow and visitor retention. This helps me understand I need to read more and reach out and ask for help, from people that may know this information already.


That brings us to the end of today’s work. I hope that you are happy that you dropped by. Thank you, My Dear Readers, for everything you do.




About Daniel Hanning
I am a; writer, editor and publisher. I write, most often, articles about our space program, fun videos andpolitical works. My most recent additions are; A Week In Review, Sunday Funnies and The Adventures of Nadia. Along with The Mars Report and Lost in Space. ENJOY!

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