And Now, As Promised, Princess Nadia and the Healing Light

  Near the end of last year, right after the dust from the last campaign settled, I began to write (more like mention) a future project that was dear to my heart. Throughout the holidays I dropped clues and hints as to the hero of my work, and the world in which it would be set. By the first of this year the title was out; ‘Princess Nadia and the Healing Light’ would be a tale (pun intended) of a wonderful Princess among rats.


Until today that was all any human on Earth knew of the story that lived inside me. One I was just itching (just keeps happening) to tell. Since my software arrived, the program that takes my voice and turns it into articles, I have been working day and night. Time is of no relevance, this is a labor of love, I mean to complete. When not wirting for this wonderful blog, I have been busy behind the scenes breathing life to my dream. Right now, today, I will share with you the fruits of my labor. The joy of my labor of love. A couple of pages is all, but you will quickly see it is much more than that. These few pages are a glimpse into another whole world, to which you are invited.


It is with great trepidation and much hesitation that these words I do share. For I fear, to the pit of my soul, that my words will be robbed of me and made slave to another man. For him they would be but characters, another brand to just harvest. But to me? These are people I know and have grown to love. They lived with me in this world, only to pass into another inside my head. There they have flourished; found love and conquest, as well as fear and treachery. I trust you, My Dear Readers, as I always have and always will… it is the others I cannot, nay will not, trust with my mind’s children not even one breath.


Please, My Dear Readers, tread easily in this new land. Come not with dark emotions or ill will in your heart or your mind, for these creations are fragile and need love and support to survive.


(remember editing takes a LOT longer than writing… I am STILL working the bugs out of this… please be kind. )


Princess Nadia at Christmas

Princess Nadia and the Healing Light


With a soft thud, Princess Nadia drops from the end of the rope to the floor. She rolls slightly to the right so she falls right beside the hinges on the door. Two tugs on the rope brought the rope and rigging down into her waiting arms. Quickly she packs the rope and gear into her backpack that is until she hears the breathing… and… fish?


            “Going somewhere my pretty?” Nadia hears in a smooth and quiet purring voice with a British accent.


            “I have been watching you for weeks, my dear what ever are you up to?”



Princess Nadia had not expected this visitor, Whiskers the cat was the family pet but rarely came around Daniel’s room. This is going to be a tricky situation thought Princess Nadia. If she wanted to kill me I’d already be dead it’s best to play this one calm and cool.


            “Hello Whiskers. I really hadn’t planned on a visit this evening, though it certainly is nice to see you is that fish I smell your breath?”


            “Why thank you for asking, Nadia, it is fish it’s a new dish that the family is feeding me you simply must try it.”


            “While I think you’d dearly, Whiskers, space for inviting me. I have so very much yet to do tonight I think I’ll have to take a rain check, thank you!”


While Nadia was not quite sure that Whiskers would take her subtle hand, she had to make a try at dismissing Whiskers and getting on with her very busy evening.


            “Well that’s kind of rude for a Princess, Nadia! I don’t think I will be so easily dismissed this evening and it’s just you, a stormy night,  and me, dear. Now I’m going to ask you kindly just one more time my Princess (sarcastically said) what ever are you doing in my house on this night?”


It was obvious Nadia wasn’t going anywhere and still paid attention to Whiskers. Nadia put down her packet, which she had been busy with all along, turned full front towards Whiskers and addressed her as royalty.


            “Good evening and my apologies dear lady. I had neither ill will nor intention to offend you. I am rather quite busy, as you can see, but I’m here tonight to prepare for later this week. When, if all goes according to plan, I hope to have Daniel walking again!”


Whiskers bristles at this idea. She stands where she was and arches her back all the time her fur begins to stand on end.


            “Princess Nadia I will have you know that I will do anything and everything in my power to protect master Daniel from any ill intent of yours. Further I demand to know this very moment your exact plans and what you have in mind for my master!”


Princess Nadia was impressed, and overjoyed, to see such a deep level of devotion to one’s master. She thought that she heard love in Whisker’s voice, but how could such a cold and calculating feline feel love for another, especially a human. Nadia was old enough to know the fear, anger and even hatred a majority of the wild animals shared for humans. They killed whole families, whole genus and even whole species. Wiped out entire forests and ecosystems, just to satisfy their unending thirst for the materials within Mother Earth.


Nadia had developed a deep affection; maybe even a respect, for Daniel over the past several months. She had been observing Master Daniel all this time sizing him up to see if he would be a viable candidate for a gift Princess Nadia would bestow upon him. A very special gift, a remarkable gift, a healing gift. What remained now was preparing the house and Daniel’s room for the fateful day when she had in her hand, the miraculous gift that would heal her new friend.


Princess Nadia was unsure just how much she could trust Whiskers with the whole truth; it was so shocking she had not even discussed it with her father, the King, or anyone she trusted. She feared that her own people might try to stop her, to protect them.


“There is nothing to fear, but fear itself!”


A once great human leader spoke those words to a nation at war to give his people strength, and it rings true nearly one hundred years later. Princess Nadia had the strength to tell Whiskers the truth. She just hoped that Whiskers had the strength to keep an open mind, when it came to her Master.


            “There really isn’t time for this, my new friend Whiskers. Perhaps when we had more time and we can set and share, say, a saucer of cream I’d be happy to tell you the long and winding tale. That sounded agreeable for the moment Whiskers?


            “No Princess Nadia (said very sarcastically now,  and with a growl), that is not agreeable for the moment or at any time. No, either you explain to me what you are doing here, with that bag of tricks and toys or I will make Henry aware of your presence! And, as everyone knows dogs don’t take time to talk”.


Well now she was only left with explaining the entire situation, to the best of her ability and as quickly as possible. Least Whiskers makes Henry aware of her nocturnal activities. Rock, meet hard place. There was no time for the science involved. Princess Nadia would have to make this an explanation based on comparisons.


Just then, right as Princess Nadia was finishing that thought, she thought she heard Henry’s tags jingle on his collar. But it was so faint, almost a whisper, it might just be a trick of sound modified by her fear of Henry. That and Whiskers had mentioned him just moments ago. Her thoughts interrupted by a growing sound; Whiskers had started impatiently growling under her breath.  Sink or swim, Princes, sink or swim.


            “I will tell you what you need, what you want, to know Whiskers. However, I must favor brevity over accuracy and I hope you will understand. As well, forgive my reticence in explaining this for I have not even told my own father or any of my family or friends of what I plan to do. You are very intelligent animal, for a cat, you must certainly be aware that myself, and my brethren, are genuinely different from any other rodents you’ve ever seen? The difference, my dear Whiskers, is that I and my people, the DnA rats, have been genetically enhanced and modified. I am hoping to use this very tool, this mechanism, to genetically alter and enhance your master, Daniel.”


Whiskers stops growling and relaxes her stance on the beam in the ceiling. Even from her distance Princess Nadia can see the words she has spoken have given some assurance to the great orange tabby. Nadia feels as though the tide is turning in her favor, so she pushes the advantage and continues to explain.


            “My father Nakita, the leader of my people, has worked with this miracle tool since the ‘Day of Cataclysm’ and ‘The Great Awakening’. This tool of man already we use regularly to help and heal our own people.”

I do not know if you know it, Whiskers, but over the past three months I have spent hours nearly every day in that room with Daniel getting to know him. You know the device the parents use to watch his dreams?”

Both of them were locked, eye-to-eye, not a single muscle moved without the other taking note. This is the way two advisaries, in the wild, make their own kind of peace.


Whiskers acknowledges Nadia’s question by bowing her head. Yes, she had seen the glowy-box that the Master’s parents played images and sounds of Daniel while he lay motionless in the great metal bed. The first time they had played this device Whiskers was in the other room. Upon hearing her Master’s voice her heart leapt to her throat and she dashed, as fast as she could, to be at her awakened Master’s side. Only to be horribly shocked, when entering the room, at the sight of his body still lying in the great bed not having moved. But his voice rang out from the glowy-box above the bed.  Whatever machine of man it may be, she did not care for it and often hissed at it when she was in Master’s room.


            “Unknown to man, this glowy-box can be used both ways. Not only can one see into Master Daniel’s dream I can talk with him while he sleeps.”


 This would be the ‘tricky bit’. Either Whiskers would hear the sincerity in her voice and trust her, or Nadia’s words would fall on deaf cat ears.



.leaving the world of Nadia…

.all but a memory now…

.as the light dawns on the real world…

And, with that, My Dear Readers I return you to the world of today. I know, it can be a bit of a shock. That will pass the more often you read. I hope and pray that you have enjoyed my words, and my children. This is one of the best scenes I have put to paper so far. However, I do think it gives you a very good idea of what came before and what is yet to come. They are wonderful characters. Full of love and hope, fears and pain, just like us. They are fragile in heart and strong in body and mind. I hope that I, and you My Dear Readers, get to spend many long years with them a part of our lives.


I truly hate toleave you, My Dear Readers, but my body is weak and my pain is great. For the past wek I have labored long and hard to bring a little entertainment to your home, joy to your life and a smile on your face. If I have achieved two of those, I am a very happy man. Have a wodnerful Sunday, and I look forward to sharing more with you, My Dear Readers, soon.


Thanks for dropping by…



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