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Hello, My Dear Readers. It has been several months since I posted with any regularity, here @ The Other Shoe. First, let me tell you this is NOT because I have nothing to say or because there are no issues of governance that need my attention. Quite the opposite is true. However, circumstances beyond my control have plagued me.


I am not going to go into detail and explain all the ‘scans’ and ‘examinations’ I have endured these past three months. The ‘Readers Digest’ condensed version is; I am having real problems eating (one of the few things I have STILL been able to ‘do’ since 2003 when this adventure in pain and humiliation started) and I often choke on food… pudding even. Hence, my last exam (in THIS series) is an EGD. Yes, they are going to shove a camera down my throat to see just how badly my esophagus is being compressed. I have already been ‘warned’ that (most likely) there will be nothing that they can ‘Do’, to help.


However, they do need to track the progression of my disease and maybe there are things they can do to help me be able to eat. I truly hope so, I have few joys left in life and eating IS one my favorite right now.


“How ‘bad’ was it, Danny?” You may ask. Well prior to this problem starting (holidays last year) I weighed 182 lbs. right now today, I weigh 164. Yes, a twenty-five pound loss in just three months. If you choke eating, well you eat less and are less interested in eating. So, things are not all ‘Doom & Gloom’ here on the Left Coast, there is good news for Danny.


Other ‘Good News’ is that I have moved (with help from my caregiver) my laptop into a position that I can use it while I am sitting in bed. I have dug up an old wireless keyboard and mouse so that i can write. I still have substantial problems typing and it takes me hours to write an article of this size. I am still trying to save to purchase the ‘Voice to Text’ software (Dragon Speech Recognition Software) so that I can write easily and without pain.


However, I have been able to complete a good deal of work on the novel(s) I am planning. I have character sheets, scene listings, character profiles, and chapter outlines completed. Once I obtain the software I should be able to move quickly writing ‘Princess Nadia and the Healing Light’. This is going to be a novel for 10-14 year olds that takes them on the adventures of ‘Princess Nadia’ (yes, named after my most loved little girl). From all the work I have completed, this promises to be my best work. I am hoping to have some excerpts from the novel posted here @ The Other Shoe by this summer. It is a very touching tale (rat… tale) and one that I have projected over three potential novels. As well, I am looking at this novel from a commercial point of view from the very beginning.


I thank you, my Dear Readers, for taking a moment with me. I appreciate all my readers and all my friends and family that read my work. I hope that (and with a good deal of work and sweat) I will get published and then all of you, My Dear Readers, will be able to say, “I was reading Daniel’s works before his novels!”

Thank you for reading.


About Daniel Hanning
I am a; writer, editor and publisher. I write, most often, articles about our space program, fun videos andpolitical works. My most recent additions are; A Week In Review, Sunday Funnies and The Adventures of Nadia. Along with The Mars Report and Lost in Space. ENJOY!

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