The Problem with Mitt!

We all have been watching. We all have seen it happen, time and again. We all can feel it, and those of you that are Republicans? I know that it has Republicans concerned. If it doesn’t have you concerned you must not be paying attention. Most recently, we witnessed the horrific comment Mitt made just after he found out that the American Embassy in Libya was attacked. Never in my life have I seen a Presidential contender, more quickly, throw away hundreds of years of Presidential etiquette for (what he thought would be) momentary political gain.


Four Americans were murdered, and before he (or anyone) had all the facts (of course, I was already posting on threads that the attacks were made by Egyptian para-military and unrelated to the video) Mitt went out in front of cameras and did the unthinkable. Mitt tried to use American blood to lubricate the wheels of his faltering campaign. As Americans? We can all be very happy; we Americans, that tactic failed, or we would be living in a political system devoid of soul.


Now, there is a great deal of hubbub in the Republican Party. Just this week Peggy Noonan wrote an article, for the Wall Street Journal that (I thought) hit the nail on the head, about what is wrong with Mitt’s campaign, but put her in very hot water with her party.

“”The pendulum has swung toward Obama.” Mitt Romney has “a damaged political persona.” He is running behind in key states like Ohio and Virginia and, to a lesser extent, Florida. The president is reversing the decline that began with his “You didn’t build that” comment. For three weeks he’s been on a roll. The wind’s at his (President Obama’s) back”



I just watched ‘Face the Nation’, where Peggy not only defended her remarks (quite well, I might add) but went even further.

““There was a lot of formal, official and public blowback from the Romney campaign, Romney surrogates, et cetera,” said Noonan. “What was interesting to me was that privately the constant communication I got was, ‘Thank you for saying that.’

“They need help at the Romney campaign,” Noonan continued. “They need to be woken up. They need to raise their game.”” (FROM:


Therefore, for those that would defend Mitt Romney, and by extension his campaign at this point, you are in an ever-shrinking circle of blind supporters. The Romney campaign is off rails, and there is no more denying the truth. However, that is not just what I want to talk about today. What I want to do is break news!


Peggy Noonan, and her fellow panelists @ ‘Face the Nation’, were correct. Romney’s campaign needs “An Old Hand” at the helm of his campaign. So far, Mitt has run the campaign himself with dire results. He has run it like a business, and politics is not business (and neither is governance, but I am getting ahead of myself). In business you put money ahead of personal exposure, correct? This past month Romney has made few PUBLIC appearances and focused on fund raising. Mitt was putting the dollar ahead of the person, just like in business. (Unfortunately for Mitt, here in America we electPEOPLE and not wealth, i.e. Meg Whitman in California spent $132 Million and LOST to aged Jerry Brown!)


Therefore, Mitt has been running his campaign like a business (hence, we can expect the same dynamic if he were to govern) and the results have been disastrous. Now for my perception and I didn’t steal this idea nor have I heard this in print, yet. Starting about September 12th, 2012 Mitt Romney began his debate preparations for the Presidential Debates. These preparations have stopped in order for Mitt and Paul to go ‘On the Road’ in Ohio, next week.


This swing, through Ohio, should take Mitt right up to the day before the first Presidential Debate. Just like a business, he is reacting to the criticism of his campaign and dropping his debate preparation to “hit the road” just like Conservative pundits have written he should do, right now.  Just like a business, leaving behind conventional wisdom of hundreds of years of campaigning, to follow some ‘business plan’ for election.


Mitt will have left his debate preparations, early, and have been campaigning right up until it is time for him to step on stage to debate President Obama. This will be the execution of a  brilliant business strategy, but extremely poor politics, on the part of Mitt Romney. Someone experienced at national politics would counsel that you should be in debate preparations right up to the time you debate. Debating, for those of you that have never really done any debating, is a particular frame of mind. You have to be mentally nimble, and ready to shift topics quickly. You have to be apprised of the most recent news in national and international affairs, and you have to be mentally ready.


When Mitt steps up on that stage, to debate President Obama, he will have spent the last two weeks; shaking hands, kissing babies, and telling the faithful what they want to hear. His head will be in campaign mode and not of the mind to debate. Mark my words, my dear readers, and mark them well; this business attitude about political campaigns will bite Mitt in the butt on national television. You will be able to see, in Mitt, the wrong dynamic. You will see Mitt campaignfrom behind a debate lecturen.


This will give the advantage to President Obama, and an opening that could well cement the course of the remaining election. All this will transpire simply because Mitt used business timing (and methodology) not political timing (and methodology) in a political campaign. Moreover, this is just the beginning, my fellow Americans. This is what I have been trying to write about, for the past three years. I have born witness to a portion of America fervently support the extension of business practices in GOVERNANCE. I just can’t even begin to tell you, just how ignorant that idea really is in the real world. Oh, wait… I just did!


 Thank you for all your generosity and support, in this my time of need. 


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Daniel’s Moving Assistance Fund


About Daniel Hanning
I am a; writer, editor and publisher. I write, most often, articles about our space program, fun videos andpolitical works. My most recent additions are; A Week In Review, Sunday Funnies and The Adventures of Nadia. Along with The Mars Report and Lost in Space. ENJOY!

One Response to The Problem with Mitt!

  1. Dear Readers,
    I owe you all an apology. I published this article without properly proof reading the whole article, after I copy/pasted it from Word. Somehow there was a mistake, and I did not catch it until just recently. This is NOT how I usually publish, and I am ashamed I let this happen.
    I have made the correction, and now the article appears as it was written. Again, I apologize for this mistake and IF you give me a chance I will work diligently to make sure it never happens again.
    Thank you for all your time and support.
    Daniel Hanning

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