The Other Shoe – Update September 14, 2012

Update September 14, 2012

Today didn’t go as planned. It is my fault, really. I got involved in caring for friends. Ever been a canary in a coalmine? It is a thankless job let me tell you. More than thankless, you get attacked by people you used to have connections, too/with. Least, their families, I have noticed a geographical/social phenomenon that I will write about, some day.

I have noticed the difference in the evolution of social/political opinions based on geographical migration post family life. See, from what I have observed, individuals whose families most, post public education, and individuals THAT move post… yuda yuda are DIFFERENT. Right, let me get in here and unpack that a little.

In my travels, across this great nation, I have noticed a trend. A kind of disturbing trend, but a trend none the less. First, let me take Californians. (Not doing Texas fist, nope not gonna happen) I have noticed that when I started meeting Californians in Colorado, they had tempered their ‘far left’ ways. Having eaten fresh corn fed beef, off the plains of Colorado and Wyoming and Montana, they are not the avid vegans they are when they stay in California. Another difference is business.

Here in California the environment and beach access and air quality concerns are LARGE and expensive for business. However, those very same Californians in Colorado seem more open to letting the environment ‘take one’ for business. I saw it first, in the adults my age. However, when I started associating with the twenty-something’s the patterns were not only the same, they exaggerated. The next generations of Californians/Coloradans embraced corporate goals over nature even more. However, the twenty-somethings of California are MORE adamant about nature and being vegan than their parents.

When the adults, and the children, remain in the social environment they were born and raised in, they tend to become more extreme with every generation. However, when a family or offspring leaves the state of origin, they become more open to different ideas and cultures. This proves that narrow thinking is geographically based, and that those families that move, have several residence states, are actually better equipped to function in a multi-cultural and multidiscipline future America. Now, I am not sure that I would want to hamper the potential of my children; having never had children… it is quite irrelevant what I would do, beyond the ponderings in this article.

But. Here’s a though, isn’t it better, for your children, to be multicultural and multidisciplined? How is it that we aredoing for our children by saddling them with our past? Let’s face facts. ‘White America’ is dying. The America of the future WILL BE multicultural, and it won’t be ‘white dominated’. Someone ‘protecting’ their children from this eventuality is actually harming their children’s future and potential to earn a living, right? Children mimic parents, like it or not.

They see you being derogatory to Muslims, then THEY will deprive themselves of the opportunity of working withMuslims in the future. FYI There is 2.2 BILLION Muslims in the world and just 900,000 Christians. Seems it would be best, for the future prosperity of your children, to not pass on’ bigotry that will hamper their future.

However, I am not seeing that, I am seeing just the opposite. I am seeing generation after generation pick up their parental prejudice and hand it to their offspring.

I am going to stop, for the day. My friends, they have worn me out… It is NOT easy being the canary that smells the gas… it ain’t easy.

Daniel's Moving Assistance Fund

Daniel’s Moving Assistance Fund

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