The Mars Report – Curiosity Update for Spetember 1st 2012

The Mars Report

September 1, 2012

This is our first ‘The Mars Report’ for the month of September, 2012. Since I wrote, last, the rover has moved! Yes, Curiosity has moved from the landing zone and is starting the longest journey of any extraterritorial vehicle in the history of mankind.  Spirit and Opportunity are good examples, we will be seeing Curiosity roving and taking samples and pictures in 2020. Curiosity has his own nuclear power plant and supplemental solar power, too. So, I am sitting here and looking at the images that I have uploaded for today’s article, trying to figure out which I should lead with, what image comes first? The ‘Vanity’ shot, of course! Here is an image, from the Curiosity rover, showing the tracks it has made in the Martian soil. You can clearly see the robotic arm, in the foreground, with Curiosity’s name.


Curiosity Vanity Shot - Tracks Behind Rover

This is a ‘Vantiy Shot’ of Curiosity. You can see the Robotic Arm with ‘Curiosity’ painted, in view. You can also see the tracks Curiosity has made in the Martian soil.


Our next image is not a picture from Mars. Rather, this image is a chart showing how Curiosity communicates with Earth and three NASA satellites orbiting Mars. Remember that, in our first ‘Mars Update,’ I shared images of the Martian surface from space? Do you remember me showing you the location of the Curiosity rover in the shadow of Mount Sharp? I also showed you where the landing platform had crashed. Well, you can see those orbiting platforms in the communications chart.


Curiosity Communications Chart

This is a chart that shows HOW Curiosity communicates with; NASA, and the THREE Orbiters that NASA has in orbit over Mars.


Well, now that we have the ‘Vanity Shot’ and the Communications chart out of the way, now we can move to the ‘Eye Candy’ that has come from Curiosity since last we met. Our first shot, of this series, is an incredible distance shot looking towards Mount Sharp. In this image the distinction in ground cover is clear all the way up to the rise of Mount Sharp. These high definition digital images can be enlarged with little loss of sharpness. I find this shot particularly informative. In the immediate foreground, the rocks are small in size, dark in color and very abundant. As you move your focus towards Mount Sharp, the rocks become larger in size, lighter ion color and more sparse in number. Mount Sharp has amazing lines of geological activity. Just an incredible image.


Fantastic shot of Mount Sharp

This is an incredible High Definition Image of Mount Sharp in the background and rocks in the foreground. The detail of these digital images is just fantastic!

(A Fantastic Image of Mount Sharp)


Since our last ‘Mars Report’ Curiosity has moved twenty feet! Yes, Curiosity has left Bradbury Landing (Named for the science fiction author of ‘The Martian Chronicles’) heading for its eventual destination near the rise of Mount Sharp. If you look back along Curiosity’s tracks, you can see the landing zone and the ground where it turned around several times.


Curiosity Looking Back on its tracks

Curiosity Looking Back on its tracks


As always, I have save the very best image of the day for last. This is an incredible panorama of the Martian horizon. This is another of these brilliantly sharp images that you simply must click on to enlarge. That’s right, just click on the pic and be awestruck by the ‘Eye Candy’!


Huge Full HD Panorama of Curiosity location

This is a High Definition Panorama of the Martian horizon from Curiosity in the shadow of Mount Sharp.


That brings us to the end of today’s ‘Mars Report’. I hope that you have enjoyed the images I have shared, as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you. Thank you for droping by, and sharing the joy and wonder that Curiosity brings back from Mars. Till next report!

Thank you for your generosity and support.

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